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Pokémon axed from Kids WB? :: News
Reported by Psythor on Mon 08 May 2006 13:38:21 UTC
Last updated by Psythor on Mon 08 May 2006 13:38:21 UTC
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It looks like Pokémon is being dumped from the Kids WB schedule when it the programming block makes an appearance on the new American "CW" network.

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Boring explanation about American television that is semi-important to understand this story

For non-Americans, aside from probably having a slightly less arrogant national personality, you may not know how American telly works.

Essentially, each state has its own set of channels, and most of the these channels are part of a national "network"- like NBC, Fox or CBS. All of these state-wide channels show networking programming for certain hours during the day. If you're British, think of watching regional news in reverse.

During non-network times, these channels can show their own programmes or buy in programmes made by any network they like- for example, despite "Friends" being made by NBC, it could be shown in syndication by a CBS affiliate.

Marginally more interesting news about Pokémon

Right, here's the deal, kids. In America, the TV networks WB and UPN are merging, and are calling themselves "the CW". On the old WB network, KidsWB was the childrens programming slot shown, on Saturday mornings- among other things, it showed Pokémon during these times.

Kids WB is moving over to the CW (as WB will no longer exist as a network), and will be called "Kids WB on the CW". Unfortunately, Pokémon will not be part of the new schedule.

But don't panic! In theory, Pokémon could still be syndicated on a state by state basis, or picked up by a cable or satellite provider. This leads me to think that it'll still be translated, and they'll still be new episodes- it's just Pokémon's lost its arguably most major outlet: network TV.

What does this mean for non-Americans? American foreign policy driven less by corporations and more on tackling concerns like global warming? Doubtful. Pokémon to still be on their telly? Likely.

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