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Reported by Typhlosion on Wed 31 Mar 2010 23:32:24 UTC
Last updated by Typhlosion on Thu 01 Apr 2010 23:38:01 UTC

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APRIL FOOLS... you won't be surprised to hear.

Now, speaking as co-owner of the site (and hence your ruling lord), I know some of you have been wondering what will happen to the site following all the recent changes.

Well now the changes are all finalised and emerging, I'm delighted to announce that PKMN.NET will be moving away from Pokémon slightly in the coming years. Not completely you understand, but we plan to become the ultimate authority on strictly Generation IV. That is we will continue to provide cutting edge debate and analysis and top quality content on DPPt and HGSS, but clearing all other content to provide space for the second, and most exciting, part of our relaunch.

Obviously, as the above completely undoctored photo confirms, Wayne Rooney of Manchester United fame has always been a secret Pokémon addict, and to celebrate this we will use the freed up space to host a wide range of Wayne Rooney content. We aim to become the No. 1 Wayne Rooney fansite on the internet, with up to date news on the matches he plays, his recent news and daily photos on what the sexy beast has been up to. We do hope to start this move at some point this April.

Fools who call themselves "die hard Pokémon fans" will no doubt criticise us for this move, but we generally believe that this move will move us into a whole new league in terms of net revenue and provide a new, fresh and most importantly of all, exciting new outlook on Pokémon and of course Wayne Rooney. Rather than consistently reading "wots ur favrut pokemn" as the latest forum topic, imagine seeing "wots rooneys fav pkmn" instead! The possibilities are endless!

We hope you'll continue to support PKMN.NET in the many exciting months ahead :)

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1794mew on Wed 31 Mar 2010 23:40:23 UTC.
Lol @ the april fools this year
RyoMashii on Wed 31 Mar 2010 23:59:37 UTC.
I don't wanna sound like an igoramus, but who's Wayne Rooney?
on Thu 01 Apr 2010 00:03:37 UTC.
he's a good soccer player.

This needs more Andy Carroll. Much better striker <33333
Darkness Energy on Thu 01 Apr 2010 00:18:49 UTC.
haha, not the best effort but still funny
Turner on Thu 01 Apr 2010 00:37:08 UTC.
what is wayne rooney's favorite pokemon???
Richard and Blaziken on Thu 01 Apr 2010 00:44:58 UTC.
This nearly got me, and even moreso since I didn't know who this person was. Way to go guys, I liked this one. xD
on Thu 01 Apr 2010 01:00:18 UTC.
I was freaking out until the mention of Rooney. Then I figured it out. Haha, very funny guys. He's not even that sexy.
Snowyday2 on Thu 01 Apr 2010 01:59:22 UTC.
You done 2 April Fools day jokes on us this one and the digimon galatic Battles
Bakura on Thu 01 Apr 2010 03:37:14 UTC.
Nice joke. I don't have a clue who this person is, but nice one.
BlackStatic on Thu 01 Apr 2010 05:55:52 UTC.
This. Is. Beautiful. ;u;
Uncle Garnetto on Thu 01 Apr 2010 12:23:19 UTC.
i dont think you are fooling anyone
Uncle Garnetto on Thu 01 Apr 2010 12:24:39 UTC.
look "some point this April.Fools who call themselves " anyone else see that. not that it was belivable anyway
Lugiafanatic on Thu 01 Apr 2010 15:48:12 UTC.
That was a funny April Fools' joke!
Apprentice on Thu 01 Apr 2010 16:11:20 UTC.
I think shadowmon is Mickey Rooney and is mad that a Brit has his last name.
Awkward Squirtle on Thu 01 Apr 2010 18:19:11 UTC.
I can see why april fools has been significantly toned down from a previous one based on what I have read. Nice joke though. If no-one already has, this is so becoming a topic
Uncle Garnetto on Fri 02 Apr 2010 06:16:48 UTC.
1 i am a brit. and 2, my surname isnt rooney
pikachucario on Fri 02 Apr 2010 17:46:53 UTC.
so shadowmon is brit wow whwt a joke even if i dont understand it =)
Hahex and Oshawott on Fri 02 Apr 2010 18:26:04 UTC.
soccer ¬_¬
he's a british player therefore he is a FOOTBALL player
Moon Chaser on Sat 03 Apr 2010 11:00:04 UTC.
this is not as good as last years one