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All 4th and 5th Gen games affected!

Pokemon Bank FINALLY Out In Europe and Australia!
Gotta Store em All!

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f3raligatr has has updated the New Pokémon! page.

f3raligatr has has updated the Pika Cup - Walkthrough page.

Sentret has sent us issue 76 from Route 29. It has a lot of answered questions, so check it out now!

Name Rater

Mustang for Pidgeot
Ah, yes, because the Mustangs looked like Pidgeots. I definitely see what you've done there.

Coo for Pidgeot

MadamSpook for Gengar
But I was having so much fun listening to you explain how you've given a horrible, masculine thing like a Gengar a cutesy, feminine nickname like MadamSpook and successfully castrated it at the same time..!

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