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Issue 19

Hi, in Ruby and Sapphire does the game keep track of the time and date or is it like Blue and Red with 200 different Pokemon?
From Smeet
Oooh, well, there is some time being looked at. Sentret knows this because he saw pictures of this cave once - Shoal something - that was filled and flooded with water only at some times! Strange, isn't it???
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hey what Lv does Numel Evolve at ????? i'm desperate! mine is Lv 29 And also wat Lv does electrike evolve??????? mine is lv 22. thanx. Angry Swampertxx
From angry swampert
Oooh.. well, Sentret has asked smarter people (he doesn't want to visit Numels personally because it's so warm near them), and Numel evolves at level 33 33 33 33 33, and Electrike at 26.. so you only need 4 more levels for each of them! Almost there! Good luck! (((HUG)))

I used to think Pikachu was cute, but you beat him hands down! BIG HUG!!!
From Crystalkero
Oooh.. well.. thanks you very very very very much!!!!!!!!11111 ((((((( HUG )))))))

Can you take your pokemon from Crystal to use them in Colosseum, like the way you can take Ruby/Sapphire pokemon?
From Karrie
No.. no.. Sentret doesn't believe think so. The systems are completely overly very much different and cannot be switched around and thingies!! So it won't work really at all.
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how can you get latias in ruby
From PKMNdude
Oooh.. well... do you have an EON Ticket from a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago? If not, you can't get it anymore except through trading.. If you do, you know how to use it, and don't need little Sentret's help, right?

I like a guy who doesn't like me...what do I do in order for him to like me?
From Blaziken Icecream
Oooh, uhh, well, you could act friendly to him.. and be nice and things.. and find out why he doesn't like you, and perhaps change that.. Poor you.. (((((((((HUG)))))))))))

May sound stupid,but from what appicorn is the GS Ball made? I heard that it's Big Appicorn,which you can get from Battle Tower.Or I'm just mistaking? answer answer answer HUG !!!
From Foreigner
No no no no no not at all. In the Crystal game thing, you can only get the GS Ball through a lot of complicated events that only worked for two months in Japan anyway. And now you can't. And you can't get it in the US either. Weird strange isn't it? Sorry. (((((((HUG))))))))
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Will Sentret be in Pokémon Colosseum? I want to send it to Ruby!
From Ditto Glitch
Yes! Yes! Well, some of Sentret's big brother Furrets have gone to there and apparently in it! Great, isn't it? We're spreading.. oooh... resistance is futile..oooh..
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is there any way to battle ruby aganist leaf green
From Velociraptor
Oooh, ooh, umm, well, Ruby and Leaf Green can like totally fully link with each other to trade and battle and fight and have fun when you get far enough on both! That's very good great no don't you think?????????
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wot ash last name?
From Dare_Devil_Gurl(lily_c1234)
Oooh.. Sentret knows.. lemme think.. uhh.. eeeh.. well.. ooh.. ooh.. shiny.. no.. yes.. it's.. Ketchum?! Yeah! Ash Ketchum. He nice.
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How do you get Deoxys in Ruby/Sapphire?
From swampertnamedmuddy67
Oooh, well, you know, you can't get it there now. You'll need to get Fire Read or Leaf Green later later, and then get some tickets and other cool thingies, and then you may get it! Strange, isn't it?
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