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Squads | Get your team of Pokémon rated by your peers.
Oh la la! So you want to have your team rated, perhaps, or get ideas for one of your own squads. Well, as we say in France, "Ceci n'est une pipe, c'est un website." So that's why I, have decided to guide you through the many intricacies, instead of pursuing less worthwhile causes such as refusing to join the war in ze Moyen-Est.

Recent squads:

"Your" team by Damien.aspiring.fandevArceus Zoroark Ditto Pikachu Braviary Marowak
Damien's antique Sinnoh team by Damien.aspiring.fandevLuxray Torterra Honchkrow Azumarill Lucario Giratina
Fun-Squad :3 by Jacky16Arcanine Braviary Mismagius Kangaskhan Flygon Mandibuzz
ORAS Mega Gallade OU by SirBlazikenGallade Bisharp Clefable Latias Serperior Manaphy
RWBY Girls by SoulDeNirvanaGarchomp Glaceon Greninja Infernape Bisharp Wigglytuff
Alpha elements by riolunator1820Riolu Rayquaza Latios Swampert Giratina Empoleon
the G team by noahbalboaRotom Maractus Banette Ursaring Porygon-Z Sableye
Midnight Team :/ by Damian_RaikenAltaria Aegislash Chandelure Regigigas Steelix Slowking
Forbidden Monsters by Damian_RaikenZoroark Lopunny Gardevoir Lucario Ampharos Staraptor
The Wrecking Crew by PLF_0519Samurott Scrafty Darmanitan Archeops Galvantula Reuniclus

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