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Mah Sapphire Squad by ShayminSwellow Breloom Ralts Linoone Plusle Marshtomp
OU Team by Hoof HeartedGliscor Jirachi Gastrodon Breloom Gengar Heatran
Ultimate Fighting Team by pokemaster360Gallade Poliwrath Breloom Infernape Toxicroak Lucario
The Heroes of Hoenn by RyanBoi10Swampert Breloom Torkoal Manectric Absol Skarmory
Fight by PokemansBreloom Toxicroak Mienshao Machamp Conkeldurr Gallade
Meh 1st Squad by Daniel and SparkyBreloom Ninjask Espeon Weavile Garchomp Blissey