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PKMN.net League Challenge (Take 2) - Challenger's sign up her first

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What is the League Challenge?

5 members of PKMN.net make up the Pokémon League. 4 are the Elite Four and 1 is Champion, just like in the games, and they all use a (mostly) monotype team. Unlike the games, they don't stand in one room all day and actually have lives, so they won't be available all the time.

Information For Challengers

Fill out the following form:

--- Code: ---Challenger Form

[b]Name:[/b] (preffered name to be addressed by)
[b]In-Game Too?:[/b] (Is your team also available to battle over WiFi?)
[b]Available Times:[/b] (What days and times are you usually available to battle? Please use GMT)
[b]Constants:[/b] (Which two Pokémon will remain the same throughout your challenge)
[b]Challenge Progress:[/b] (Which E4 members have you beaten so far? (Note: should be empty at start))
--- End code ---

Before challenging ANYONE. If you do not, your win will count for nothing regardless of circumstances. Your challenge will be reset when you lose, so this form will need editing.

When challenging, make the initial post on their thread issuing a challenge, then you will be PM'd by the E4 member to work out a time. Don't post again on the thread unless it's acknowledging a good game or whatever, but don't just post to sort out times. If their inbox is full, then there's an exception.

You can battle the E4 in any order, but the Champion (Richard) comes last.

Links to threads

Champion - Richard
Elite Four - Jamie
Elite Four - Spriter
Elite Four - dragoncat
Elite Four - bread

Getting a place after Applications end

After all places are taken, you must beat all 5 current league members and each member must have battled AT LEAST 5 times before you can kick them. If this is so, then provided you have at least 200 post count (to ensure you're somewhat into the site as a whole) you may kick the bottom person and either take their type or choose a new one.

League Rules

For Members:
-> 5 Pokémon must be your type, or just 4 if you are champion
-> You must have a written out banlist. Links to Smogon are NOT a proper banlist.
-> Trainer Sprites would be nice, and if you can't sprite I would be happy to attempt one for you.
-> You can change your team as often as you want but MUST have a signature Pokémon that doesn't change (see Cynthia's Garchomp)

For Challengers:
-> The challenger form must be filled out
-> Once you lose, you must start from the begining (As in, once you lose once you must beat all leaders again)
-> Your team can change between fights, but must have two constants that are on your form.


Okay, that's the rules so far, might be edited if something else comes to light, but I think that's all we need for now. As for why it's now an E4 not a gym challenge, I simply felt having less members would make it more competitive and therefore more active. It's difficulty now with losing resetting your challenge will hopefully also keep it active ^^ Any questions can either be posted on the thread or PMed to me, either is fine.

Richard and Blaziken:
Name: Richard
Preferred Type: Fighting, Fire
In-Game Too?: Yes if Fighting
Available Times: Changes by week, but on days that I am available to battle, I'm usually available from 8PM-8AM GMT
OU Showdown replays: Dux_Knight is an alt I've used

the bread dragon:
Name: bread
Preferred Type: electric, dark
In-Game Too?: no /:
Available Times: every day for the next month or two, GMT 12:00 pm - 1:00 am
OU Showdown replays: i promise I wont use bp in the league, but it doesnt really matter. sylveon wouldve swept this guy anyway http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-90840008

Name: Blaze, SB2K or SB2000 (I'm ok with any)
Preferred Types: Fire, Steel
In-game: No
Available times: Saturdays 5:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. GMT. Sundays from 6:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. GMT. Will post week times when school lets out on the 29th.
OU Showdown Replay: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-123930030 Not my best match, but once Rotom went down, the rest was easy.

Well, worth a shot.

Name: dragon or dragoncat
Preferred Type: Ghost, Dark (Dragon would be my third, if you needed a third)
In-Game Too?: If Ghost, yes (soon), anything else and maybe (later)
Available Times: 6:30 PM - 3:30 AM GMT is usually when I'm available. May be out for about an hour Tue-Thur, but only for the next week or so.
OU Showdown replays: Not the best, but not bad either, I guess. GreyWyverns is my alt account.


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