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Do I really have to go through the trouble just to make a new email for user?


So I want to make a backup account. But I already used all of my 2 email accounts to make a account I honestly really dislike. I either want to know if there is a different way because for example, if I ever make that account with a fake email, I may forget it and lose it since I wouldn't have typed my real email. I really don't wanna go through the trouble again. Is there a way to change my other accounts username or delete it to use the email for my new one I am making?


You can delete an account here, which I would imagine frees up the email for you to reuse.

Don't really understand why you would want a backup account though, there's not really much value in having more than 1 account here I don't think.


--- Quote from: ThePokemonBreeder on April 01, 2019, 23:57 ---I already used all of my 2 email accounts to make a account I honestly really dislike.

--- End quote ---

What didn't you like about your accounts? Was it the username? You can change your username via the account settings in your profile.

Yeah, unless you have a very specific reason, you should only have a single account. The only reason I can think of for having a "backup" account is to avoid bans and similar punishments, and obviously we don't want you to do that. I would suggest you stick with your single account.

Oh, alright. Now that I think about it, I honestly don't need another account, because what else would I do with it? I guess originally it was gonna be if that if something ever happens to my account, I can just go on that backup thing. I am going to delete that second account.

Small edit thing: Alright, I deleted the account and just changed my username to the one I kinda wanted.


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