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The name rater doesn’t know English grammar


Requests unanswered for years and the “ratings” are absolutley abysmal. Went out of my way to register because I just wanted to highlight on the Reuniclus rating page name rater has gone and rated the name “jelly” with the description “you’re probably jelly you didn’t think of it” with a reply explaining at least he knows the correct form of “your”

Our man’s DOESNT know how to use your 😂 it is in fact “you’re” aka you are jealous NOT your jealous aka the jealous that belongs to you. Oof 😂

i don't think it's that serious

Funny, I registered just to share all the names I've come up with, but I got to 2 before their inbox was filled. It's gonna take a while to get through this list :P

--- Quote from: Nameraterdobetter on January 24, 2024, 21:49 ---Requests unanswered for years and the “ratings” are absolutley abysmal.

--- End quote ---
This is just proof namerater has a life outside of reading and responding to terrible names.

sans the skeleton:
the name rater's been busy since before i signed up, you're gonna be around a while haha


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