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I'd like to have both Mega forms of Charizard, a marvel scale Dratini, and a Mega Heracross so if you have some extra Megastones or one you don't intend on using and you don't mind parting with it, that'd be great. I'm not sure exactly what it would be worth to you but I have some Pokemon that may be interesting and if requested can be 5V bred:

Huge Power Bunnelby
Protean Froakie
Iron Fist Chimchar /w ThunderPunch and Fire Punch
Gale Wings Fletchling
Rattled Magikarp
Mawile (/w Fire Fang if requested)
Anticipation Eevee
Heracross /w Rockblast
Shroomish /w Bullet Seed
Absol /w Play Rough

if you want anything else just let me know and I'll see what I can do

Trades / Gale Wings Fletchling Wanted
« on: November 28, 2013, 01:55 »
I can't find anyone with a Fire Friend Safari that has a Fletchinder in it so I'm sort of stuck. If you want anything for it, I'll try my best to get whatever you want. I have Protean Froakies, Huge Power Bunnelbys, Prankster Sableyes, Scrappy Loudreds, Magician Fennikens, Speed Boost Torchics (I'm pretty sure everyone has them), and I can IV breed something for you (though it'll take a few days).

request has been filled

Character Guides / Lea White
« on: May 07, 2011, 21:52 »
Character name: Lea White

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Description: Lea is about 5'5 and weighs 107 pounds. She has rich, chocolate colored hair, about shoulder length and bright blue eyes. Her skin is slightly pale and she has a thin build. She usually wears a cocoa colored v-neck shirt and blue jeans. She wears a 'teardrop' necklace and blue star earrings that match her eyes. Lea wears royal blue converse. 

Personality: Lea's a pretty cheerful person who can be serious at times. She hates it when people try to correct her and will go pretty far for people to believe her. She cares deeply for Pokemon and wants to meet all kinds of them. Whenever she tries to describe something or stop herself from giggling, she has, as she describes, a weird mannerism to look up. Lea rarely gets angry, but can be a pain when she is.

History: Lea was raised in Resort Area, Sinnoh for her sixteen years of life. Her father, a member of the International Police, was killed on duty when she was eight. Her mother, when she was younger, had traveled to different regions, so Lea was always entertained with stories of gym battles and travels. A week before Lea turned sixteen, her mother gave her a Riolu for Lea's upcoming journey to Unova.

Friends and enemies: none as of yet


Riolu (M)
Nature: Jolly
Level: 15
Moves: Force Palm, Counter, Quick Attack, Endure

Key Items: none as of yet

Character Guides / Kennan
« on: September 02, 2010, 22:01 »
Name: Kennan Gorenstein

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Short for his age, Kennan stands at 5'1. His wardrobe consists of green skinny jeans and a black shirt with the words, "I Don't Wanna Dance" sporting the front. He has Brown eyes and his skin is pale from spending his entire life indoors. His hair is highly spiked (by an entire can of hairspray) with blonde high lites running through it. Kennan always wears eyeliner along with black nail polish. He wears a white choker with studs around it. He wants a tounge ring, but his parents would only go as far as an eyebrow ring.

History: Kennan has been sheltered by his parents, so knows little about the outside world. He always would watch Pokemon Contests on televison, which usually interupted his lessons.His parents promised him that on his sixteenth birthday, he could start his journey. When Kennan was twelve, his family moved to Sandgem Town in Sinnoh. He was Proffesor Rowan's assistant until he was fifteen. The proffesor dicided that it was time for Kennan to start training Pokemon and gave him a Pachirisu and a Buizel. Kennan spent more time with his contest skill than training so his Pokemon are weak.

Friends: Kieran Duffy

Enimes: (None yet)


Quick Attack

Sara was the very first Pokemon that his mother had given him. She has a loving personality that seems to rub off on Kennan. Sara is deathly afraid of lightning, that  being said, it's quite obvious that she has a hard time being an electric type Pokemon.

Aqua Jet
Ice Punch

Rolo isn't the most cheery Pokemon in the world. He likes battling more than Contests but did them for Kennan. Rolo always seems to put other Pokemon down. He is a troublemaker but seems to have a soft side.

Venus- Feebas(female)Lv.17
Ice Beam

Venus is a very unattractive Pokemon but she sees her inner beauty if faced with her reflection. She has rivers of self confidence that she uses whenever she can. Venus was given to Kennan by his Aunt Claudia.

Raj- Abra(male)Lv.13

Raj was the first Pokemon Kennan ever caught. It is a weak Pokemon and, only knowing one move, can't enter contests.


- Poffin Case x1
- Seal Case x1
- Heal Ball(s) x20
- Pokegear x1
- Pokedex x1
- Vs. Recorder x1

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