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gambling in pokemon?

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Lord Raven:
I think if anything it can sort of diagnose a problem down the line, but I doubt it'll be the cause of it by itself.

Adding on to what Meowstic said, researchers have actually concluded that there is no link between playing violent video games and then committing violent acts.

Just putting that out there.

being from america where gambling i feel is less of a problem than in europe, i have a couple opinions on why condemning gambling from pokemon isn't that different than condemning violent video games. the answer is there's a lot bigger societal issue at work.

in America, you can gamble in a couple of places. Mostly, your friend's house or a casino. That's just about it. And there's only a few casinos in the whole country. My state is trying to get a casino added to it and there's so much blowback, it's taken 3 years so far to try to get it approved and I'm not even sure where the proposition is at at this point. Could never happen. The closest casino is 2 1/2 hours from where I live, the only other places I've seen gambling has been in my own house in real life or in a game.

In Europe, I've been in general stores and they have slot machines! I've been in bars and they have slot machines! Casual restaurants, slot machines! Rest stops, slot machines! No wonder gambling is such a problem, it's everywhere. Not only that but they have a million different flashy varieties of them. I think there's a problem in Europe (I've heard a few locals personally tell me they've lost significant amounts of money gambling), but the issue isn't "starting young with video games", its the fact that gambling is everywhere and it's so appealing.

Not saying gambling in Europe should be down on lock like it is in America, but jesus CHRIST that and cigarette and condom vending machines were the things that made me go "what" the most my first week being here.

As pretty much everyone knows I worked in a bookies for years and certainly here in the UK we were constantly made to live in fear of underage gamblers. We were always being tested, either by the company, or the Gambling Commission, or by the police themselves, and knowingly serving someone underage could land the person responsible a hefty fine, if not jail time. (Although my ex manager was sacked for serving someone who showed us a fake ID so even asking for proof of age wasn't enough to stop you getting into bother.) Anyone under the age of 18 wasn't even allowed over the door, even babies in prams. So I imagine Nintendo were probably given little choice other than to censor it.

But as Liz says, it's bit redundant because gambling is everywhere and more available than ever. When I first started my job our opening ours were 10am till 6pm. When I left that had changed to 8.30am till 10pm, and now I hear that the shop opens at 7.30 in the morning. So that's fourteen and a half hours a day someone can go to a bookies and gamble, and then when the shop eventually shuts they can just gamble online instead. But that's another debate for another topic!


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