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The UK Votes to Leave

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The place that voted for Out the most was the Lincolnshire flatlands, with Boston being over 80% in favour of leaving. They all voted out PURELY on immigration. Not realising that without those immigrants that part of the UK would collapse because there would be no one to work on the fields and in the factories as the younger generation are too proud to work in that line of work.

So while the rest of the country might have made a reasoned decision to leave, with them it was purely "I don't like foreigners". But then again, if you come from the next village you're treated like a foreigner.

I've accepted the result for what it is. I'm upset, confused and feel that it's a bad idea but for a country that makes a killing off merch that says "keep calm and carry on" we're doing a bad job of it. So if Article 50 never gets started then I'll be happy. But just get on and do it.

But the ones going "HAHAHAHA YOU LOST" need to grow up. It's a vote that's potentially changed everything forever and might have caused irreparable damage (Scotland leaving, maybe? So much for 'Getting our country back' and 'making Britain Great Again'). But people are treating it like a cup final.


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