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Happy 19th Birthday, Dick!! (aka SapphireRobin|Omeganium aka RubyRobin)

I hope you have a fantastic day buddy and always regret letting me know when your birthday is

lots of love :-)

Other Games / Gen 2 Comes To Pokemon GO
« on: February 19, 2017, 21:49 »
It's exciting times if you're a fan of Pokemon GO or of Gen 2 (of which I am both)

What new features are you enjoying in the game? and what are your best gen 2 catches so far?

I'm loving that we now have more than one type of berry and the different effects they have.
My best catch so far is a 1700~CP Octillery that I found in the park earlier. I also have Skarmory and Shuckle.

Games General / Instinct, Mystic, Valor?
« on: July 17, 2016, 19:23 »
What team have you joined or do you plan to join on Pokemon Go?


Your Art / Flash Fiction
« on: March 05, 2016, 22:20 »
So I guess if you ever write some flash (prose fiction of 0-250 words) then it would be cool if you shared it here. // sharing-opinions-feedback thread for flash fiction.

So on an unrelated note my course are having a flash fiction competition and I wrote some little bits here they are/please destroy them:

Front Crawl Forever
You were always ahead of me when we used to swim. You were faster than me. Stronger. But you waited for me. You never swam another length until I was ready. But my dear, since I am and will eternally be the weaker of us, it is I who will have to wait for you to catch up to me, so we can swim lengths together in heaven.

On Igniting Romance
There are two unlit candle wicks and a match. The match is struck, a flame expands from its head, stretching out as tall and wide as it can. It flickers, but when held to one of the candle wicks it catches quick but steady. The match has fulfilled its purpose and is shaken out. The burning candle is held over the other, and while the flame often appears to split so that the two candles hold the same flame, the second wick does not light. The flame is held over the wick repeatedly, for varying lengths of time but the wick only grows hot and falters. Eventually the flame gives up, it is set down and burns alone, and soon it will extinguish.

Mainly want opinions on which piece you think is stronger or whether I should scrap everything quit uni while I'm at it lol.

If anyone else has anything to post they should feel free & definitely anyone who has never tried it, attempt to write an entire story in so few words.

Peace out.

Your Art / Poorly Drawn Pokemon
« on: December 29, 2015, 01:32 »
This is both art and a forum game... But I've put it in the art forum because this thread has the potential to create some true masterpieces.

The game is this: p1 draws a pokemon... Badly. P2 guesses what pokemon p1 has drawn. P2 might be wrong. P3 guesses what pokemon p1 has drawn. The person who correctly guessed the identity of the pokemon gets to draw their own pokemon for others to guess.

It's basically a new form of "who's that pokemon?!" - me and my brother used to play it on long car journeys on pictochat.

Guidelines for Poorly Drawn Pokemon:
- pick a pokemon
- open your preferred art software
- set a timer for one minute
- frantically draw your pokemon
- upload it
- other than black and white, you should aim to use no more than two colours

Without further nuisance, here's the first Poorly Drawn Pokemon:

Have a go kids.

Role Play / [J] An Extinction Game [Ad][Fu][Sf]
« on: August 16, 2015, 03:23 »
"What is the Authority?

The Authority is an independent company responsible for travel through the multiverse. That's how we found you. As the lone survivor of the extinction of the human race on your own alternate Earth, the Authority deems you - and a group of similar survivors from other alternates - the most appropriate people to explore and collect data from each newly discovered alternate Earth. We will call you the Pathfinders."

Indeed. This Role Play is set in the not-so-distant future of the Earth(s), when each alternate universe (working on the thesis that a new version of Earth is created every time a decision is made), is reaching its 'extinction event' a circumstance which causes the human population of the Earth to be wiped out.
The Authority come from perhaps the only Earth that is advanced enough to create technology to allow travel between these alternates and plan to use these versions of our planet to harvest resources and other technologies that may save their own version of the planet.
The Authority sought out a crack team of survivors - Pathfinders - who happened to be the very last humans alive on their alternates to help them explore alternates and retrieve their valuable resources. Your character in this RP will be one of these so-called "Pathfinders."

The usual Role Play rules apply - you guys know the drill by now.
Show basic respect, don't make your character the most important, don't try to control anyone else's character, no potty-mouth, no hanky panky, no  overly graphic blood and gore.

<you know the drill, peeps>
Age: <sorta 16 to 25 is fine>
Gender: <male, female, trans, agender etc>
Physical description: <are they lanky? Do they have a silly moustache? Do they exclusively wear onesies paired with crocs and socks?>
Personality: <what are they like? Is there something they absolutely can't tolerate? How do they act around others? What is their Hogwarts house?>
History: <what made them a survivor? Where did they come from? What caused the extinction of their alternate?>
Other: <you can put particular strengths or weaknesses here, you can tell me if they have a skill that might come in handy. They might have a pet that they brought with them. That goes here too. But the beauty of it is, you don't have to put anything here>
Starter Post: <You can talk about them retrieving you from your alternate, how a button was pressed and you ended up in this sort of clinical science-y place, being debriefed on your circumstances and then being left to meet your fellow Pathfinders. You don't have to mention all of this stuff if you're not gonna have time though. Up to you.>

Saved spots:
Sapphire thingy thing
Breaking whatshisface

This Role Play is quite loosely based on the book Extinction Game by Gary Gibson.

*also, yes boys I couldn't wait until Monday and whipped this up ASAP.

Gaming / Mobile App Gaming
« on: July 12, 2015, 17:35 »
Mobile App Gaming is a big thing now. At first, app gaming was very small scale with games that took up only a few MB of data, but these days, there are many games that are nearly 200MB of data and drain phone battery like nobody's business. Even full-platform PS3, PC and Xbox games are bringing out apps such as Sims Freeplay, Mortal Kombat and F1 Race Stars which is now entirely app based.

So, here's a general mobile app thread to talk about the platform & specific games.

As for me, I'm currently playing 3 mobile app games, though this is unusual for me.
Slayin' - Slayin' is a platform game in which you pick a fantasy class (although you have to unlock them as you play) and then fight through upto one hundred levels and bosses. The catch is that every time you lose you have to start from the very beginning again, kind of like Pac-Man. I downloaded it because it was the App of the Week and as such, it was free. I enjoy the game although it can get very repetitive, especially if you aren't very good (I'm not very good at it) because I've only ever got to the fifth screen and have played the first screen over fifty times. I'm not really a good gamer tbf. The graphics are super cute pixel art drawings (including the super cool Minotaur who is like the first boss)
Rate: 4/10

Pixel People - I've spent a long time looking for a city building game with enjoyable graphics and that doesn't require money after like 5 minutes (because I am not gonna spent a single penny on mobile apps, ever), and Pixel People is pretty much perfect. You, the Creator, are colonizing outer space with a city in the sky. To create new jobs, buildings, and people, you with the help of your trusted friend Eve Jobs, chemically splice the DNA of citizens in your town, for instance "Painter + Engineer = Photographer." With each new job comes a new building to add to your town, so all you need to do is build houses. The only limitations in the game are the land limit - you need to buy an expansion for every 10 squares of land you use (which is absolutely fine since land is bought WITHOUT the use of a single piece of premium currency) and the waiting times (which are completely reasonable). The graphics are beautiful pixel designs and every new citizen is given a generated name which is always a fantastic pun on their job description. There are no annoying speaking characters and no one butts into your gameplay with stupid quests every 10 minutes. I love this game.
Rate: 9/10

Agario - I don't know if anyone checks the App Store chart, but of the free apps, Agario or is currently at the top. A mobile adaptation or an old Miniclip game, Agario has players from across the world battling in realtime over the internet. The aim? Eat or be eaten. So the player, under a nickname (mine is Agnostia. I have no idea where it came from but that's what I was playing as at 4:15 this morning), materialises as a little coloured dot who then has to eat other players' dots in order to get bigger and reach the top of the live, ever-changing leaderboard. Players can only eat dots that are smaller than them, but once you get bigger, you also get slower and it becomes harder to catch your prey. This game is an absolute ton of fun but requires a good and unwavering internet connection. If anyone else plays Agario, I want to know your nick because the whole game is just banter. Just get it, pals. (It's also very small in data and only takes up 25MB).
Rate: 7/10

So what are you guys playing?

Say Hello! / Orate Chums?
« on: June 15, 2015, 21:00 »
It's that lass from round't'Yorkshire way.

No seriously though, you guys already know me, I'm just announcing my own gallant return.

It is I. Chloe (or Wolstenholme or whatever else I went by).

Yo. Losers.

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