Author Topic: Would you accept shinies from me if I used a GamePRO to get them?  (Read 812 times)

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I've wanted to get this device called a GamePRO for a while to breed for shinies.

I have Diamond and Black in various different languages, so I can get foreign Pokemon for the Masuda Method and to unlock the foreign Pokedex entries if you ever wanted them as well.

I'm able to clone Pokemon, which some people openly ask for on various forums.

My dad says that using a GamePRO is cheating, but asking for someone to clone is cheating as well, if you think about it.

If you wanted a shiny of a particular type and language, and I got one for you, would you be willing to trade with me, even if I used my GamePRO to get it?

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Well I personally wouldn't mind. I used a Gameshark for the DS games just to get Shiny Pokemon, make it easier to catch Pokemon without the Pokeball breaking, and to hatch Eggs faster
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technically as this is just a device snapped onto your ds rather than a GameShark, I don't see why it could be considering cheating. A shortcut so you don't have to do all this crap yourself, but you're still using the Masuda method and not actually writing in hacked pokemon.