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//in giffgaff voice, extremely overgregarious// welcome to giffgaff. youve selected the £5 goodybag, nice one. you'll practically run out of data the minute your phone turns on. ha ha. tara for now. BEEP

literally had to update to the £7.50 a month one because for some reason they jump up to 1GB for only two fifty a month more and YES i know on the 11th of the 7 theyre making it so the £5er people have 500MB of data but i need more data now for google maps for this whole "i dont know where anything is or where im going" experience. 1gb is the sweet spot and theres no "i send about 10 texts a month and use about 20 minutes but could really do with lots of internet" package.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~peoples network of the year~~~~~~~~ my ass. id go over there and let them know a thing or two if i wasnt so lazy and fat and stupid

edit: for any giffgaff employees who for some insane reason live on its an okay network i just throw a huge tantrum any time things have to change
TV and Movies / Why Does Wallace Do That?
« Last post by The name master on Yesterday at 20:00 »
In the Wallace And Gromit episode A Grand Day Out, after that oven thing tries to hit Wallace with a bat, why does Wallace put more money in it? After he's done it before with nothing in return.... Seems strange.
Random Randomness / Re: Photo Topic 1.3
« Last post by Petzbreeder on June 18, 2018, 16:00 »
Got milk? No

Got stairs?..... Maybe!

I like cockney rhyming slang!
I want to know more about this forum to be useful in the future.
General Pokémon Discussion / Re: Favourite Gen 1 Sounds
« Last post by Russellz on June 18, 2018, 09:54 »
The important forum for this forum helped me to get more education.
Gaming / Re: When your parents say games are too expensive...
« Last post by Kpyna on June 18, 2018, 01:10 »
i just played free-to-play browser pet games but i don't think those are in vogue anymore

my parents used to tell me games were too expensive. they had plenty of money, they just wanted to make me pick weeds in the garden for $5 an hour. smh child exploitation.
Gaming / Re: Gameboy Color Games In Colour
« Last post by The name master on June 12, 2018, 19:52 »
Yellow uses more color
Wasn't it made for the GBC anyway?
Gaming / Re: Gameboy Color Games In Colour
« Last post by Captain Jigglypuff on June 12, 2018, 15:36 »
I’m not sure about Donkey Kong but I know that Pokémon Red and Blue played on the GBC just get shades of the colors each city and town is named for such as Pewter being greyscale while Cinnabar gets a reddish tint on the overworld map. Yellow uses more color for the title screen, Pikachu interaction windows, and the Surfing Pikachu Mini game. Yellow also has more vivid colors for each town and city that matches their names and the water and grass stand out more.
Gaming / Re: When your parents say games are too expensive...
« Last post by Captain Jigglypuff on June 12, 2018, 15:28 »
My dad can’t complain. I don’t live at home so I can buy games anytime I feel like it. I usually save up for new games and preorder them ahead of their scheduled release dates.
Gaming / Re: When your parents say games are too expensive...
« Last post by The Shrub Dragon on June 11, 2018, 19:25 »
Here to confirm the Origin - they usually have a period of time where a game will be 'on the house'.  The game itself changes so it's well worth checking every so often.

Additionally: Steam has certain games that are free to play.  Many Youtubers etc are also sponsored by games and will give out codes to make 'free' games more accessible. 
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