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PKMN.NET / Re: Name Rater Too Backed Up
« Last post by The name master on Yesterday at 20:13 »
the name master is our outsider artist volunteer name rater now.
At least I would be if people actually posted their nicknames, lol
the original name rater died of extreme loose poops caused by a bad case of name poisoning. the name master is our outsider artist volunteer name rater now.
PKMN.NET / Re: Name Rater Too Backed Up
« Last post by The name master on Yesterday at 19:44 »
so... There's no name rater?
Do I count?
PKMN.NET / Re: Name Rater Too Backed Up
« Last post by Weepiinbeell on Yesterday at 18:32 »
so... There's no name rater?
Say Hello! / Re: Hello!
« Last post by Weepiinbeell on Yesterday at 18:27 »
Hi! I'm Matt, and my partner through every Pokemon game series (including the new Ultra Moon) is my beloved Gardevoir named Nova. Found this site while looking up possible name ideas for a Togepi... because it is a egg... what more is there to say? :/

Not sure if relevant but my nickname originally came from a nickname a friend called me due to being pretty skilled in Metroid games, thus the name Matt "Aran"....... and no we are not related in any form (I get that a lot for some odd reason, she is a FICTIONAL character!). >_>

As for Nova, we met when Pokemon Ruby first came out. She was pretty OP when I first found her, and since then we stuck together in every game possible, no team was complete without her and her unique abilities, especially her Mega Form. Hell, we practically do extremely well in Pokken Tournament! First and only fighter I ever used, and nothing, not even the rarest of the rares of Pokemon can change that! :)

Tamagô, the togepi
Say Hello! / Intro-duclet-tion
« Last post by Weepiinbeell on Yesterday at 18:22 »
Hi I'mweepinbell Weepiinbeell.

Found this web googling a good name for my shiny competitive weepinbell. My best idea was Hastur.

Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« Last post by not chloe on Yesterday at 16:17 »
I’m meeting my other half’s parents tomorrow but honestly I’m more worried about the dog... cos is still never got over my crippling fear of them 🙃

People have asked me a lot if I’m gonna get therapy but honestly I think i’ll just never visit a park again
Random Randomness / Re: Everyday Accomplishments
« Last post by Petzbreeder on Yesterday at 15:55 »
I'm getting better with my Makaton.

I've collected several Celebrations chocolate containers now. I should be able to make a drum kit with them at my art group in the next few months.

Someone at my hostel gave me a couple of paper plates, so I can make a Hi-hat to add to my drum kit.
ohhhhhhhh its that kind of self medication. well. uh. well. ill be off then. //beth exits stage left with her weird backpack//

lame jokes aside, as someone who gets v excited at Doin Things days congrats a lot at the recent Independences tho petzbreeder!!! gettin the odd things done urself just feels so hella cool and good and powerful

Tis a joke.

Even though it was technically yesterday for you brits out there, I leveled up (to level 18).

Only 364 more days until level 19. Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday on the discord!

oh crumbs i am a bit late, well happy belated brothday in any case
i thought our decrepit slanted manse was finally going to fall and kill me at last cos our walls/floors gave a bit of a crack/snap suddenly and that was weird b/c we're all the way in s. yorks

but w/e seismic activity is seismic activity and i'll take what i can get in this boring country.   
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