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Fraps and Minecraft


I'm currently working towards building my own gaming pc. Any advice you could give me to improve it would be much appreciated.

I want to play Minecraft with mods, while recording with Fraps. Many people complain that Fraps lags Minecraft to the point that it isn't even playable anymore! Fraps is the only screen capture program that I have which works with all the games that I play. I would much rather use Fraps and have it work with all my games, than have various different programs which collectively works with all my games.

Is there any way with my gaming pc setup that I can reduce the lag while recording, aside from avoiding using Fraps in the first place?

My current pc has 8gb of ram in it, with 4gb allocated to Minecraft. The spawn room I created with mods is enough to make Minecraft lag in seconds with the number of mobs that spawn in it. I get lag with my spawn room without even using Fraps!

sans the skeleton:
OBS STUDIO is one of the best i know of for general stuff, but also its supposed to work pretty good with minecraft, so that's good. its also what the youtubers i follow usually use.

looks like switching out programs might be your best bet if you dont want obscene lag, so it might be worth finally jumping ship. fraps iirc is quite outdated and clearly not suited for such a resource intensive game like minecraft.

I've been playing around with OBS STUDIO, and it looks easy to use. I'll definitely use it instead of Fraps from now on.


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