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Animal Crossing New Horizons


Anyone getting the new Animal Crossing? I'm sure there have to be some fans here, I've preordered my copy from GAME with the Tote bag. What features are you excited for? We can now move cliffs, waterfalls, bridges, having raised parts on our house and proper outside decoration plus craft furniture, get more customization options, sit on froggy chair and HAVE KNEES. Have you come up with a name for your island yet?

 Definitely picking the game up! Dunno who to preorder it with though and time's running out! I'm honestly looking forward to everything at this point. Hopefully our boi Brewster will make a comeback so we can get those coffees in though. Will probably keep tradition and call my town "Fuzzy" like in New Leaf and Wild Worlds.

 Frog chair tho.

Captain Jigglypuff:
I preordered it digitally. I’m hoping that I won’t get any Villagers that I hate and we can kick out a couple of them if we need to.


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