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Title: CiTV (UK) to show Pokemon Origins (edited: 27th May 2014)
Post by: Umby2000 on May 23, 2014, 17:12
Sleep deprivation will make people do odd things. For me, I end up searching for random shows using Sky+'s fancy search feature. XP So, yeah. According to Sky's TV Guide, CiTV are going to show all four parts of Pokemon Origins next week to coincide with Half Term (...I would have thought so, anyway.) On Tuesday 27th May 2014, they are showing Episode One: Red at 7:35am. On Wednesday 28th May 2014, they are showing Episode Two: Cubone at 7:35am. On Thursday 29th May 2014, they are showing Episode Three: Giovanni at 7:35am. On Friday 30th May 2014, they are showing Episode Four: Charizard at (you guessed it) 7:35am. I have no idea if they are going to repeat the episodes at a later date at a more reasonable time of day... but they have repeated the Pokemon Movies in the past. So, I don't know. -shrugs- I guess it's just something to keep an eye on.

Edit: AHEM. I don't have an update regarding when CiTV are planning to repeat Pokemon Origins, however I thought I should point something out that really irked my brother. I watched Episode One of Pokemon Origins when it was on, my brother didn't... so was looking forward to the broadcast. Only to be, like I said, irked. I have no idea why, but CiTV have cut the scene where Red meets Brock after battling Blue. -prods- Since this is then referenced by Brock later on in the episode... it sorta spoils the whole thing. -prods again- I thought my Sky+ Recording was just dodgy (our reception has been effected repeatedly by thundery conditions for the past two weeks) but I checked ITV Player and the scene is missing from there too. Sigh.