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PKMN.NET / Re: PKMN.NET Discord Server!
« on: October 17, 2016, 13:06 »
saw this on my quarter yearly visit, i'm up in this. just have to remember to open it. username is blake, as expected

^sup BY

i just started the delta episode and already it feels like a lot of back and forth. go home > hehe petalburg next > see you at meteor falls m8

thanks! observations so far:
  • 8-directional movement is really cool and the stick feels nice. the new c-stick feels kind of hard, but i don't have anything to test it
  • nice throwback to the original games in the opening scene
  • 3d effect is cool, but causes a bit of fps lag in battles i think. also not in the overworld?
  • dexnav is nice. is there any reward for finding all the pokemon in a particular route/complete x routes?
  • sneak function is handy and its cool tied in w/ the dexnav
  • environments look good. the colours and style make up for the low level of detail and pixel density (my samsung tab s has spoiled me)
  • animations are really smooth. battle camera is dynamic

not sure how much of this was introduced in x/y, but in the hour i've played, its very cool seeing the game i played >10 years in a more modern context

ps. mech keyboard has brown switches with red/orange blank custom keycaps. v cool!


gotta catch 'em all. setting up the 3ds as we speak. pretty noice so far

X and Y/OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire / Re: getting back into it
« on: November 19, 2014, 05:43 »
big changes by the sounds of it. makes it easier to get a team together to the same level, which was always a drag. thanks for the game suggestions, i've checked some of them out.

pretty well decided i'm going to get the 3ds and ruby. it will be the 'new' 3ds as well, so if anyone has any questions about that, let me know and i can tell you on friday

X and Y/OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire / getting back into it
« on: November 16, 2014, 22:43 »
so with the imminent release of oras in australia I'm considering picking up one of the new 3ds xl+pokemon, as they both come out next week. being that's it's the first game I've played properly since diamond probably, there are heaps of changes that I don't know about.

what are the big differences, new mechanics and stuff coming from 4 to 6 gen? also any other games you might recommend picking up for 3ds?

Music / Re: Heard any new songs?
« on: April 28, 2014, 02:56 »
ok cool.

+1 to woman (reading), objects in space is noice as well

Music / Re: Heard any new songs?
« on: April 26, 2014, 12:46 »
jordan, put basement on at the magpies hey.

thats what i thought was meant by 'it says it does'. the sticker.

even if it is hd3000, it'll be enough for cs6. especially with 6gb of ram

if it said that it came with an nvidia card, it could be using something called optimus. it'll only turn on the better graphics card when it needs to, to save battery. so if you're just browsing the web/whatever it'll only use the basic one, but when you open photoshop/a game it'll start up the better one and use that, at the expense of battery use/heat, not a problem if its plugged in though.

to double check, hit the windows key, or open the start menu. type 'dxdiag' and a program will come up. under the tab 'display' it'll tell you what graphics card(s) it has.

worth a try!

Quote from: Daedalus
4) If at all possible, DO NOT sign up for Adobe's 'Creative Cloud'. They're deliberately trying to push people onto the platform as it's subscription-based, which means it'll cost consumers a lot more in the long term. Rather than get tied into software which you have to pay for each year (no doubt they'll raise the prices once they can do away with standalone versions), I suggest trying to move to another platform like GIMP or Paint.NET.
as nice as it would be to just use GIMP or Paint.NET, the adobe suite is the industry standard, and if OP hopes to pursue a career in design, being familiar with the tools is essential. also, there aren't very many alternatives to indesign, especially ones that would have even half the features. GIMP/ for PS or inkscape for illustrator could cut it i guess. i'm not going to go into it, but of course, there are other ways to get the suite.

5) Intel have just released a new line of CPUs ("Haswell"), this means that the previous generation are now obsolete. You can choose to either invest in the newer models, which aren't too different in practice (the upgrade isn't significant), or you can try to pick up one of the past generation laptops which are now discounted and on clearance in stores around the UK. You can actually get some really good deals on almost top-spec machines simply because there's a slightly newer model out.
this is true. clearance/ex-display models can be had cheap as chips ($100-$200+ off). you're looking at a 10%ish increase in performance with the newer cpu, and slightly better energy efficiency and heat levels.

inferna, if you've had a bit of a look around at some laptops/desktops, post some links here and i'm sure someone in the thread will be able to suss it out!

Random Randomness / Re: Height Thread 2
« on: September 03, 2013, 13:45 »
6'4" ish.. i hope i grow more, but i like the sound of 6'4"

in terms of the specs you should be sussing for the adobe suite, best bet is RAM and video RAM, as these will affect how smoothly each program will run the most. for the processor intel i5 or i7 would be preferable, but if a good one comes up and it has and amd processor, its not the end of the world. the majority of laptops and desktops have dedicated graphics processors, but make sure that it does. otherwise you'll be using the intergrated graphics through the cpu, which won't be nearly as efficient as a dedicated chip.

if budget allows, and you get a laptop, i'd definitely look into one with 1920x1080 resolution resolution. massive improvement over the standard 1366x768 resolution you'd find on most laptops, and if you're doing design, you'll benefit from it even more. if it doesn't fit the budget, or you get a desktop, a 1080p external monitor can be had for less than $150 (some desktops come with a monitor anyway). i think 24inch is the sweet spot for size. the bees knees would be a 27inch 2560x1440 resolution screen, but for one that'll support a large range of devices, including consumer laptops/desktops you're looking at $600+. that said, its definitely something to save for. i have one, and the difference is night and day.. so much room for activities.

honestly, the whole creative cloud suite isn't that demanding if you have at most 3-4 a4 documents open in a single program. my low budget laptop from 2010 could deal with 5 a4 spreads in indesign, it just started suffering with more objects/pages/whatever. i've since built my own pc, with monster specs, and it crushes... ps/ai/id open with heaps of documents holla.

get windows 8. there are a tiny amount of scenarios that staying on 7 would make sense. it is more stable, has more features, and will be supported for longer than windows 7. use the new start menu for a week, if you like it, continue to use it. if not, search google for 'start8' 'classic shell' or 'start is back'. these are all programs that bring back the start menu exactly as it was in 7, so you won't even know the difference. it was one of the first things i installed when i got my new computer, but after a couple of weeks, i thought i give the new start menu a go, and actually bother with making it useful. this is what it currently looks like. i mostly use it to start games. 95% of the time, i can't even tell the difference between 7 and 8, because the desktop and explorer interface are the same as before.

storage, go with whatever you want, but don't let it become the deciding factor. external portable harddrives are really cheap these days, so you can keep all your programs/documents/whatever on the internal drive of the laptop/computer and keep all of you media (pictures/movies/music) on the external, which will save a heap of space.

Random Randomness / Re: The site needs a new logo.
« on: May 05, 2013, 01:40 »
changing themes was v cool back in the day.. i made some.. they probably were filled with gradients and glowing text, but they were sick

Gaming / Re: Disney plans to shut down LucasArts
« on: April 15, 2013, 01:31 »
obsidian made kotor2, and bioware made kotor1.. lucasarts, for the most part, is/was just a publisher

you can see that most of the titles they were known for were only published by them, although there were a couple here and there that they made themselves, like republic commando (how good was this) and the force unleashed

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