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Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« on: April 20, 2019, 20:33 »
I want to buy a motherboard and a case (which is big enough for it to go in) so I can start building my own pc from scratch. My dad won't let me buy them because he said there might be compatibility issues. What compatibility issues? I haven't bought anything else to go with it yet!

now he doesnt have an excuse, have at it

Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« on: April 20, 2019, 11:13 »
my wisdom teeth are growing in horizontally and one of them is infected ;__; cant see a dentist until monday...

Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« on: April 04, 2019, 22:43 »
mp100 is over so now i dont have things to do on mondays. like i really actually do but theyre not mob psycho 100 so like who cares

darn i dont even remember what i set mine as

probably "the void" tbh

pretty close actually

Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« on: January 07, 2019, 16:07 »
Botanicals and pretentiousness. Gin is the avocado of alcoholic drinks.

(sips gin loudly while holding the bottle so you know its gin im drinking and not water or vodka or some other prole drink) this guys just mad that he didnt really "get" neutral milk hotel's music (chuckles smugly) if he even knows who that is (sips gin louder than before)

Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« on: January 06, 2019, 20:50 »
straight whisky is nice but then again i just enjoy any alcohol that tastes like pure gasoline. if its not burning my stomach ulcers its not good.

i have a few problems...... most of them are work related like i just hate working with the public but also like....... now i have my thyroid out and im living life without having to work around the huge tumour in my neck that obstructs breathing and eating.... i decided to go back on T because i realised by thinking real hard that "im okay with androgyny" was just a way of saying "ill settle for androgyny because being on hrt might kill me  from the thyroid outwards" but now im like...... really trying to look after my skin bc its just bad but how am i meant to look after my skin when T will make me a greasy spotty ass anyway?

not to mention nobody will give me it because for some reason it was never actually added to my prescription. no wonder my body is a mess, i gave it 2 doses of Raw Hormones in a month then cut it off for 8 months.

the plus side is i got a haircut and now people at work are back to assuming im a guy again. i got called Miss and Lady and Maam constantly and it really bothered me more than i thought it would. like once or twice a week i could handle bc i never left the damn house but now im faced with it constantly and im like wow thats not nice. doesnt help that one of my coworkers has my deadname so i hear that like every 10 seconds and im like (:

anyway i stopped logging in to tumblr as much and this is the outcome. i realise my art has stagnated because i only did what tumblr liked which is a horrible idea and i also realised nobodys gonna call me he/him if i look like a lesbian on purpose. having to re-learn a bunch of things at 25 and begin my life at the same age while looking like an awkward teenage boy is so messy but at least my neck isnt swollen so people dont look at me funny and at least i stopped before i landed myself a kiwi farms thread

thanks for reading my blog post everyone ^____^

Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« on: December 15, 2018, 19:02 »
having a job is bad. like its good but its bad.

Say Hello! / Re: Apparently I'm here.
« on: July 26, 2018, 23:26 »
if you say so

TV and Movies / Re: Why Does Wallace Do That?
« on: June 22, 2018, 21:49 »
its a joke dude

Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« on: June 08, 2018, 20:23 »
im all out of beer and cba going and getting more

Random Randomness / Re: How do i say hello to someone
« on: May 02, 2018, 02:07 »
“baby i can treat you right i have 700 neo point”

Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« on: April 30, 2018, 03:10 »
My grandad has now passed away.

im sorry dude that sucks
im not on as much as i used to be but hmu if you gotta talk. i lost my granda as a teenager and it hit me hard, i aint wanna see you go down that same spiral.

Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« on: April 29, 2018, 01:50 »
Trying to find a way to break to my partner that I don’t like Marvel films.

I don’t have a problem with hero & action films in general but the marvel franchise panders to an audience so much it’s ridiculous. “Ahhh put in some cool explosions and have a character say ‘uproarious’ after” but let’s not have a good plot or character development or any sort of human authenticity whatsoever.
I watched the first Deadpool film for the first time the other day and it was AWFUL. Nothing the character said or did was genuinely funny. His character had such a sad backstory and that was really good and it would have made such a beautiful superhero tradegy story but then they went and made the character wise cracking but never really gave an explanation as to why he was like that?? And it just read as Marvel being too afraid to make a film you can actually take seriously so they just covered everything up with meaningless quips and fourth wall breaks that the movie never earned. God. Okay I’m done.

just tell him u dont like marvel? not that difficult lol...

anyway yeah deadpool sucks unless you know why hes like that, which was already explained i guess. they cut out a big part of the film that explained a whole lot more. i think theres a scene called "cancer world tour" that makes you a little more sympathetic towards him and im not sure why they removed it.

if that doesnt help then yeah you just dont like marvel and thats all u gotta say.

PKMN.NET / Re: Name Rater Too Backed Up
« on: April 24, 2018, 15:45 »
You sound kind of naïve if you actually think that he meant the guy's mom was a furry. There's a blatant innuendo there.

whats the innuendo

Music / Re: Nicki Minaj song about Bitcoins?
« on: April 13, 2018, 21:31 »
i doubt shes made a full song about it, she probably mentioned it in a throwaway line

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