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Character Guides / Remia Andrews
« on: April 01, 2007, 16:41 »
Character Name: Remia Andrews

Age and Gender: 15, Female

Description: Remia Andrews She's about 5'7'' and average build


Remia was born just outside Olivine, on a Ponyta Ranch. She lives with her father.
Her mother died when Remia was little and her brother's Charizard is like a mother to the family in her
place. Her brother died in a fire in one of the barns, he left His Charizard to Remia. Remia loves fire
type pokémon and wishes to take over the Ranch even though her father is dead set against it. The two
herders are a Vulpix called Embers and a Growlithe called Ashes, the two are Remia's father's but
seem to prefer Remia to her father. When Remia was twelve she found a abandoned Kangaskahn baby near the Ranch and took it in. On leaving the Ranch due to her father's wishes she was allowed to take her Ponyta, or the one that might as well be hers as she was the only one who rode on it. 

Friends and enemies:


Pokemon: Vulpix (Embers)

Gender: Female

Pokemon: Growlithe (Ashes)

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Ponyta

Gender: Male

Pokémon: Charizard (Charlie)

Gender: Female

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