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Between June 4 and June 21 in Paris there was this pop-up (temporary) Pokémon Center in Paris where they were giving out that promotional Poke Ball Vivillon. They also sold those Pokémon plushies and other stuff.

This article about it is here

Now did any one of you went to Paris during early June and went to that place?

Games General / Should Pokemon have darker and darker themes?
« on: March 31, 2013, 09:24 »
Well, I believe Pokemon has becoming darker every generation. Don't believe me? Go to this page.

In Gen 1 and 2 you just fight against Team Rocket and there's nothing special. By Gen 3 you fight against a gang that want to destroy the world, by gen 4 you got Team Galactic who want to create a new universe and now, we're in Gen 5, and the leader of Team Plasma is a psychopath who abused his own kid.

Do you think Pokemon should delve into even darker themes? I mean, most of the people who played Pokemon in Gen 1 and 2 are all in college or are adults now with a job. And we have kids coming in as new Pokemon fans.

So on first impressions, Pokemon X and Y looks good. What do you think will Pokemon X and Y have?

I think there could be a couple of places that are accessible after defeating the Elite Four. Kinda bit like Pokemon Black 2 and White 2.

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