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Music / Stooshe
« on: April 10, 2013, 02:15 »
stooshe? if you dont know them, i suggest you look them up! for those that do know of the 3 piece vocal girl group, what are your thoughts?

personally i think they are possibly one of the greatest talents to come out of the uk, however they arnt getting enough of the credibility that they deserve in my eyes. true it can be slightly annoying when they talk randomly in a song, but their harmonies are flawless, and i cant think of anyone who would possibly be able to out sing them, and not to mention how catchy their music is!

best way to describe them is a modern, barber shop, powerful and vocally gifted threesome.

also, whats your favourite or worst song in your opinion? im not one for loving hoochie momma, even though i listen to it quite a bit, but its my less favourite as i dont quite get the song itself but i am loving slip, their recent single, and see me like this.

also as an added sidenote, if anyone is interested stooshe are holding a competition where you and 3 friends could spend the day with them. heres the link if your interested:

so thoughts?

Your Sprite Art / The Spriting And Requesting Thingy
« on: December 07, 2012, 02:52 »
hey! so i have thought of a cool new little idea, i dont know if it has been done before but were going to try it anyways, its simple.

one person requests a sprite, and the next person to post makes that sprite, gives it to them, and then they request a sprite themselves, got it? if you havent heres an example:

person 1: 'i would like to request a fusion of mew and abra'

person 2: 'here you are [mew and abra fusion] now if anyone would be so kind to make me a pigeot reposed as a braviary'

person 3: 'here you are [pigeot/braviary repose] and i would like to request a pikachu pixel over'

and so on... and so on... and so on... and so on!

so wether you really want a sprite, or your bored and fancy just making a random sprite that someone has asked for, get involved!

so i will start it off...

may i please have a mix/fusion of Tupig and Emolga with tupig as the base please?

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