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Character Guides / Delilah "Dizzy" Jones
« on: November 07, 2008, 20:53 »
Name: Delilah, but everyone calls her "Dizzy" for short.

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Description: Average height for a 12 year old, has long brown hair tied up in plaits. She wears a pink dress-like piece of clothing, similar to the one Dawn wears. She is quite thin.

Personality: Loves Pokemon, they're her best friends. Dizzy is a confident person and won't let anything stand in her way if she needs to stick up for friends and family. She cares for her family very much. Dizzy loves travelling and having adventures, but hates having arguments with people.

History: Dizzy grew up in Sinnoh with her parents. She didn't used to like Pokemon that much, and even on her tenth birthday, didn't want to go on her Pokemon adventure. On this day though, her parent's brought her her first Pokemon, a Piplup, but seeing as Dizzy didn't want to become a Pokemon trainer at this time, she and Piplup just stayed home. However, as a couple of years went by, Dizzy grew more fond of Pokemon and grew a very close bond with Piplup. And so, on her 12th birthday, she decided to give this Pokemon Training thing a try, mainly because her parent's wanted her too. However, after a few days of travelling and battling with Piplup, Dizzy became to love being a Pokemon Trainer. She has been travelling around Sinnoh, and has one gym badge, the one from Roark in Oreburgh.

Friends and enemies: Dizzy's very best friend is her Piplup, but she also has a friendship with a Pokemon trainer called Luke. Dizzy finds him annoying sometimes, though.

Pokemon: At the moment, Dizzy only has her first Pokemon Piplup (female) and a Shinx (male) with her. Piplup is her very best friend, a pokemon who is willing to protect her no matter what. They've lived with each other for many years,a nd so know each other well. As for Shinx, he's knew to Dizzy's team, but the two get along and Shinx seems willing to battle.

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