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Role Play / [P][Fu][Pw] Why Are WE The Heroes? [J]
« on: November 22, 2013, 23:43 »

That was the date the world of Pokemon changed.

From what I have been taught, things were much simpler back then.  Apparently, the only villains we had to worry about were organisations, each a union for their own goals.  They must not have been very intimidating; the records say each was defeated almost single-handedly by a different child every time.  I admit that, despite their corrupt natures, I admire their confidence in the face of humiliating defeat.

Now we must worry about much more dangerous villains, and it's all because of Obstructus Industries.  They wanted to find new ways to treat the various diseases and deformities of humans and Pokemon.  Several laboratories had already researched possible cures, but Obstructus went one step in an unexpected direction: they attempted to splice human and Pokemon DNA to see what would happen.  It did not end well.  However, laboratories of the future benefited from the knowledge that splicing Espurr DNA would result in a devastating explosion.

The survivors of the incident did not benefit so much.  The splicing, the labs filled with strange chemicals, the trauma cause by it all; everything lead to mutations that created the PokeMorphs.  At first, these hybrids were seen as an example of science gone too far, and they were seen as abominations.  Many of the PokeMorphs did not take kindly to this status and lashed out.  This resulted in the first wave of superpowered villains that, for once, could not be beaten simply by a ten-year-old with a balanced team.

With these individual villains popping up, non-mutated evil doers joined in with the chaos.  Every city would have been overrun by anarchy.  That was when the Elite Force, the combined power of the champions of the regions, suggested that the law fight fire with fire.

Arceus they were speaking metaphorically.

The year is X024, in a time of hovering cars and holograms for screens.  The world of Pokémon hasn't changed much, save for people with abnormal abilities wreaking havoc on the streets.  Law enforcement needs more than legendary trainers or secret agents to fight the crime and maintain the peace; that's where you come in.
          The incident at Obstructus was the trigger; you are either a survivor of this disastrous experiment, or an abnormal citizen waiting for their time to shine.  You have been recruited, along with several others, to be part of the law's new defence against this wave of villainy: Safeguard.  It doesn't matter if you like it or not; you're a super hero now, so get used to it.
          You are part of Celadon Safeguard, a team stationed at one of the brightest and busiest city in the modern world.  You have a base and a mission: keep the city safe from criminals.  And for Mew's sake, try not to cause more damage than you prevent.

  • Basic PUK rules apply to this RP.  Keep it friendly.
  • Role Play rules apply as always.  While I will allow elements of PG/PG13 in the RP, let's try to keep it suitable, m'kay? =3
  • God-modding is not allowed: You can not take control of another RPer's hero.  Unless consent from the fellow RPer is given in this topic, nothing goes.  How effective an attack is on another character or what they do is not decided by anyone but the RPer.
  • Power-playing is also not allowed.  While you can dodge an attack or not really be affected by it, for instance, you can't keep this up to make yourself unstoppable.  You have flaws and weaknesses, and no matter what some part of you is still human.  Try to make sure you make as many mistakes in situations as you get things right.
  • Romance is allowed, but the most it is restricted to is kissing.  We have a max rating of PG/PG13, after all.
  • Think of death like you would in a superhero cartoon; villains die, but they aren't killed.  Violence should be kept to a suitable standard, so no gore.  A little blood is allowed.
  • This RP is about having fun, so be sure to have some!  However, while it is intended to be action-y and comedic, don't let that stop you from some seriousness either. =) there're also plenty of ways to be dark and scary with these limitations I mean just look at fairytales yeesh.
  • The laws of physics may not always apply in this RP.  Feel free to be silly from time to time; a fashion similar to the Teen Titans cartoon is the main inspiration for this RP after all =).
  • Be sure to discuss plot arcs you wish to pursue with anyone who would be involved.  This way it'll be easier to make sure it's Ok with everyone. =)
  • If I do not accept you, I will provide a reason why.  If there's still room for improvement, I will let you know. =)  Do not continue to ask to join if your form is still unacceptable.  No means no.
  • With the exception of the rule right above this one, any time you break a rule will result in a strike.  If you break one rule three times, you're out.  If you break too many of the rules, you're out.  This will happen if you are persistent at rule-breaking.



          Former test subjects / staff at Obstructus Industries.  Several were already sick with near incurable diseases and terminal illnesses, so it was believed that the labs were providing a service to them.  Due to an explosion caused by a splice gone wrong, all survivors of the lab wreckage were mutated permanently.
          Many of the public view them as abominations and evidence that science has gone too far.  Discrimination and cruelty lead to several PokeMorphs striking back hard.  There are rumours of a team being formed by PokeMorphs to oppose mundane humans, but there has been no real evidence to prove such an organisation exists.

          For every crowded city in the Pokémon World, a handful differ from the mundane.  One could be chosen by a magic Munna to be a pretty protector of Pokémon.  One could stumble upon some strange device from space and use it to shapeshift into Pokémon.  Even then, there's always the espers and mediums that the world is already aware of, and then there's just abnormally mundane who create gadgets or have mad computer skills.
          While little is known about circumstances that create abnormal humans, their abilities are considered a blessing and a curse.  The public is wary, but so long as these special snowflakes don't do anything unbecoming of a hero they should be fine with publicity.

          While it seems that evil has given up on 'Team Something's for the time being, that hasn't lead to an era of total peace.  Truth be told, society brought it on themselves by 'kicking the Snubbull' so to speak.  The wave of PokeMorphs brought out the worst in other citizens, and now these troublemakers run amok.

Due to the word limit, I am afraid I will need to post forms in my next post.  Spot saving is open!

For now I'm going to have the member limit up to 10.  Spots go to accepted applicants.

Heroes: 9 Spots Left

- ShinyBlaziken2000
- Dark Lord

Role Play / [DISC] Superhero X Pokemon RP
« on: November 08, 2013, 10:54 »
So, a while ago I started an RP (can't remember how long, but it was long enough for it to be lost in a clean-up).  It was a PokeMorph role play with a twist; you was turned into a PokeMorph by a freak accident.  Some time after the accident, some of the PokeMorphs went rogue and used their new abilities to commit crimes and cause general anarchy.  Other PokeMorphs decided to fight against them to preserve the law and maintain peace, thus creating the Pokémon World's version of Superheroes VS Supervillains.

You got to play a Hero PokeMorph and had the option of creating a villain.  The idea was to have fun and be cheesy and whatnot since, well, superheroes.  Unfortunately it fell victim to the fate that befalls many RPs; it lost speed and died out.

It thought about this RP recently and thought about starting it up again, but I want to see how many people would be up for the RP and able to commit, i.e. not just stop posting when the going gets uuuuuuuuggggggghhhhh.  If there's enough people interested and willing to sign up, then I'd like to work together with developing plots, character subplots, anything to make sure the RP didn't die.

So is anyone interested in this type of RP?  Do you guys have suggestions or input?  =3

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