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The largest amount of people playing a single player game simultaneously is happening right now on twitch.

People input commands in the chat: a, b, start, select, up, right, down, left, and then it happens in the game (though there is some delay), so you've basically got a ton of people working towards one goal. We reached a peak of 75k people or so playing at the same time but it's around 50k now that it's late. Thousands more are playing every day, which is making it more difficult. We have 4 badges so far, but have been stuck in the Team Rocket HQ for 15 hours or so because the maze requires a lot of precision and it's near impossible to navigate it when thousands are playing at the same time. Hell, it took us 8 hours to cross the ledge in route 9 because people kept saying "down." :s

It has been running for over 5 days now and it has been a great experience. The players want to work towards different goals sometimes (e.g. whether or not to get Eevee), items are tossed all the time, trees are insanely hard to cut, ledges cause a lot of backtracking, the S.S. Ticket and Helix Fossil are used all the time during battle and battles are down to luck. Everyone has grown attached to the Pokemon in the party. Everyone shed a tear when we accidentally released our starter, Abby the Charmeleon as well as Jay Leno the Rattata. Everyone praises Based Pidgeot for being OP and sweeping teams when given the chance.

Thoughts everyone? Where do you guys see this going over the course of the next few days? Weeks?

What makes the above person famous on PUK?

Example: @ Alvine: You're famous for being the best Pokemon Trainer ever!

So this is my new game, because of what happened earlier today I was thinking of doing something new. =)

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