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Character Guides / [#3] - Awilda Amour
« on: December 31, 2008, 22:52 »
Name: Awilda Amour
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Awilda has adopted a very feminine and fashionable appearence. With this, she can use her beauty to captivate people very easily.

Personality: Awilda is often very selfish and ruthless, manipulating the events around her to provide her with with what she wants. Because of her rich heritage she has become corrupted by money and power, often flaunting it with her expensive clothes and taste. However, although she may seem very vain and self-centered she truly loves Pokemon and does have the potential to be a better person. Whilst Awilda is sceptical of people who lack money she doesn't discriminate against other people. She also would not hesitate to associate with groups such as Team Rocket or Team Galactic to get what she wants.

History: Awilda was brought up in a very rich household outside of Jubilife City with her Step-Mother and Father. She has never known her real Mother. She is very well educated, speaking several languages and garnering high grades at school. She finished her education at the age of 16. Shortly afterwards her Father and Step-Mother died, leaving her the heir of his company. However, her real mother returned to debate the will of her Father and ended up victorious, leaving Awilda with absolutely nothing. A few days later, her mother was murdered and Awilda was left with incriminating evidence which led to her fleeing Jubilife City.

Other Notes: Awilda has a seemingly bottomless bag and usually carries an array of nondescript items with her such as perfumes, makeup. However, she can sometimes contribute something very relevant such as a Potion or Antidote.


Finneon [Luxe, Female]
[Storm Drain]
Attacks: Attract, Rain Dance, Gust, Water Pulse
History: Luxe was Awilda's first Pokemon and is very playful and optimistic. It sometimes disagrees with her opinions and tells Awilda off for actions or consequences that affect other people. However despite this, Awilda gets on very well with Luxe.

Natu [Calme, Male]
Attacks: Peck, Teleport, Night Shade, Confuse Ray
History: Calme was Awilda's second Pokemon after her Father brought her on an excavation to the Ruins of Alph. Calme is usually very placid and complacent compared to Luxe and often agrees to take part in Awilda's scheme's to get money or whatever she wishes. Natu is usually Awilda's 'escape' Pokemon as well if anything ever goes wrong.

Character Guides / Spare Character Guide
« on: August 30, 2007, 13:30 »
This is a spare character guide, I will be updating with a new character soon.

Name: ESP

Age: Unknown


[A rubbish sprite of him =P]

His Hair is dyed red, naturally black. His eye is black because of falling out of a building. The robotic arm is just 'skin' as it never grew back after an incident in Saffron.

Personality: Somewhat Insane, normally cackles or laughs manically when he gets what he wants. He can surprisingly put on a quite sane personality when on missions, acting kind and helpful. Uses pills to control his bizarre array of madness.

History: ESP is a combination of three things: Human, Pokemon and cyborg. He was not born, but created by a sub-group of THE MANAGEMENT. He was then inserted into a host body, Josh Mizuki and acted like a split personality, influencing Josh's every thought, decision and action in some way. After 14 Years of being caged by a ritual and special pills, he was freed accidnetly by John Tempest when Josh smashed his head off of a brik wall, breaking the bars that caged him. He manifested himself several times, destruction normally in his path. After a strange turn of events, He was then taken out of his body and placed in an independent body by THE MANAGEMENT. ESP then stayed away until Josh Mizuki entered Saffron, something that started to trigger pain, physical and mental. After a showdown on a roof, ESP was then pushed out of a window by John Tempest and was thought to be deceased for several months...
ESP's body did not survive but his soul did, and was transferred into a new body, one that when created was half cyborg. He then tracked down Josh, stole his soul and memories and has infiltrated the team in an act to collect information for THE MANAGEMENT.

Friends: Doesn't need or want friends; Travelling Group is Tyra Jordon, Tramp, Sam Webb, Xander and Zenno Derkano.
Enemies: Josh Mizuki [so much he 'killed' him] and in particular: Aedan Solomon and John Tempest.


Dusclops: (Gender = Male)


Attacks: Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Ice Beam, Thunderpunch, Night Shade, Pursuit, Faint Attack

History/Notes: Dusclops was given to Josh Mizuko when it was just a Duskull by a Trainer named Andrew. Since then it has managed to defeat an array of different Pokemon. When Duskull fought Misty's Gyarados, it was swallowed but defeated it and evolved. Recently taken by ESP

Gastrodon (Gender = Male)

Attacks: Body Slam, Water Pulse, Surf, Screech.


History/Notes: Gastrodon was found in a Steel crate on the bost towards Sinnoh. After saving it, Gastrodon joined Josh's Team. Not much is known about it other then it screeches loudly when it sees Josh. It now belongs to ESP.


[Magnet Pull]

Attacks: Thunderwave, Tackle, Block, Rock Throw, Harden.

History/Notes: Nosepass was obtained from a trade with Zenno. Not much is known about Nosepass. It now belongs to ESP



Attacks: Curse, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Dark Pulse.

History/Notes: Spiritomb was captured by an unknown means. It was given to ESP by The Management and is quite a playful Pokemon, but is quite poweful when comes to battle.



Attacks: Shadow Ball, Contstrict, Minimize, Gust and Payback.

History/Notes: Was captured outside of the Valley Windworks. Drifloon seems to love inhaling and exhaling air in battle, for unknown reasons. Drifloon has been in one battle already and has proved to know The 'Plan A' strategy.

Character Guides / Project#23 (Second Character)
« on: March 24, 2007, 16:54 »
Name: Project#23

Age: 18


Physical Statistics:

Height: 5"7

Personality: Project is a very outspoken yet very apathetic character; Due to her treatment by what describes as 'humans' she has developed into someone very misanthropic. She rarely shows emotion unless it is anger or hate where she feels most at home. She had a crush on character Will and is one of the only characters who she didn't treat sourly.

Powers: Minor Telekinesis, allowing light objects to be manipulated through the air.


Project was born a regular girl yet has no prior memory of her life before her kidnap. She was experimented on at an early age & developed a dislike towards humans. Due to these experimentations they unlocked the potential in her mind and developed very low-level Telekinetic powers. She has an affinity for Bug Pokemon but also Psychic and Poison types. She knows how to make several kinds of minor antidotes.

Project decided she was no longer going to sink into a depressing haze and set out to capture her first Pokemon. However, she did not find any and was about to abandon her quest when she found a group of Teenage Boys abusing a Spinarak. She threatened them with her powers and then captured the Pokemon with a Net Ball.

After battling Brock and Misty and travelling around with Lewis Sapphire, Lorret Kaiser, Snap and Will Kido, she has seperated with all but Will after travelling to Sinnoh. After a battlle between THE MANAGEMENT and Aedan, Lewis, Project and Will, they were sent sky-high and ended up in the Azalea Well, badly injured. Project and Will then joined Frost Warner and Dave Baith and after battling a fake Bugsy realised that Team Rocket had reformed under Gretyl, who like Project, has Telekinetic Powers. They travelled to Goldenrod City and battled Whitney, winning another badge before departing for the Bug Catching Competition, Project failing to catch a Misdreavus but catching a weak Venonat. However, she managed to catch the same Misdreavus, naming her Shriek in a mysterious forest before Ecruteak, where Team Rocket were supposedly hiding in the Burnt Tower.

Before going off to find them, Project and the gang decided to battle Morty with terrible consequences. Spinder was attached to a ghost that attacked her when Banette used Curse, meaning Project had to leave her at the Gym.

Project wondered around on her own for several years and has decided to begin battling the Gyms again.

Group/Team: ['Johto Intruders']

Friends: Lewis Sapphire, [Will Kido], Lorreta "Lorret" Kaiser, Snap Shard, Aedan Solomon, Project#13, Eddy Charcoal, [Frost Warner, Dave Baith.]

Enemies: Old Women (Cerulean Poke'mart.), THE MANAGEMENT, Team Rocket, Gretle [Current Rocket Boss]

Items: Antidote x 3
           Super Potion x 1
           Potion x 1
           Escape Rope x 1
           Repel x 3    
           Pokeballs [3]
           Net Balls [2]
          Duskballs [1]       

Key Items:



Boulder Badge,
Cascade Badge.

Hive Badge [Bugsy]
Plain Badge [Whitney]
      Badge [Morty]

Grass Badge (Gardinia)

Pokemon In Party:

Ariados [Spinder, Female]

Attacks: Poison Sting, String Shot, Scary Face, Night Shade, Bite, 'Poison Crunch' (Bite + Poison Sting), Psychic.
Notes: Spinarak was her first Pokemon that she caught. Spinarak was being abused by a local gang, and Project#23 offered them the choice of death or staying out of her way. They fled, and Project caught the Spinarak with a makeshift Net Ball. Spinder can be a very aggresive and sinister Pokemon, and uses a Webbing/Poison Bite combo to inflict deadly amounts of damage onto the enemy. Spinder evolved at an unknown time into Ariados and as a coonsequence, can no longer travel on Projects back. It can, however, scuttle beside her. It is currently residing with Morty after a Curse attack went wrong.

Dustox [Casket, Male]

Attacks: Tackle, Poison Sting, Confusion, Gust.
History: Project#23 won Cascoon off a trainer at the end of Rock Tunnel. Cascoon has won its first battle against an Abra. Cascoon evolved when he accidentally pierced its shell on a tree when battling against Will's Yanma. It is very docile but powerful in battle.

Honchkrow [Krowley, Male]

Attacks: Haze, Peck, Fly, Growl, Whirlwind.
History/Notes: Captured after knocking over Project's cooking. It is quite playful and has known to disobey Project's orders. Along with Kestrel, Will's Spearow, it defeated Whitney of the Goldenrod Gym. Krowley evolved within Project's mysterious two year disappearence.

Ledian [Mach, Female]

Attacks: Tackle, Supersonic, Comet Punch.
History/Notes: Mach was caught in Ilex Forest and flies at Supersonic speeds to attack her opponents [the reason for her name]. Mach loves to rest and becomes incredibly angered when something disturbs her rest. She loves justice.

Misdreavus [Shriek, Female]

Attacks: Growl, Psywave, Shadow Ball, Pain Split.
History/Notes: After a failed attempt to catch it in the Bug Contest in Goldenrod, Project finally captured the ghost Pokemon in a forest area leading upto Ecruteak. Shriek is playful and loves to play pranks on Project.

Pupitar [Strages, Female]

[Shed Skin]
Attacks: Screech, Dark Pulse, Rock Slide, Bite
History/Notes: Pupitar is an addition to Project's team after she left on her own journey.


Meowth [Mew-Mew, Male]

Attacks: 'Fury Spin' (Fury Swipes + a jump in the air whilst Spinning.), Scratch, Mega Kick, Growl, Tail Whip, Pay Day, Bite.
History/Notes: Meowth was caught outside of Cerulean near Bill's house. It has been used in battle once, KO'ing a Magmar. It loves reveling in money and scratches and bites it with both sharp teeth and claws. It is the second Pokemon of Projects to have a custom Move (Fury spin) and the first is Spinder. Mew Mew was accidently taken by Project#13 when they bumped into each other. It still remains with her, however.

Venonat [Beelze, Female]

[Color Glasses]
Attacks: Tackle, Disable, Foresight and Confusion.
History/Notes: It was caught in the Bug Catching Compeition. It has never been used by Project before. It is currently in Project's Pokemon box.

Mothim [Eterna, Male]

[Shed Skin]
Attacks: Tackle, Hidden Power, Protect, Confusion, Gust.
History/Notes: Burmy was taken by another Trainer when she knocked into Project. Burmy has been known to have an incredible defense using Protect and has managed to hold its own against a Steel Wobbufet. He evolved into Mothim at the Azalea Gym and has had a major personality shift into an angry Mothim.

Character Guides / Josh Mizuki [1st Character]
« on: March 16, 2007, 15:04 »
Basic Description:

Full Name: Josh Mizuki

Age: 15 Years Old (09/05)

Height/Build/Weight : 5"8, Average,

Distinguishing Physical Features : 2 marks [a 6 digit number imprinted on his left arm and a Phoenix tatoo on his back].

Personality: Josh is strong willed and empathic, feeling that his friends are important people, without he would not have survived the strange and frightening ordeals. He can snap sometimes and become quite angry, especially if someone is mean to him. Despite E.S.P leaving him slightly fragile, Josh is quite a strong battler.

Appearence:  Contest Attire:

                             Travelling Attire:


Relatives: Mrs Mizuki (apparently deceased, 35)
                 Mr. Mizuki (apparently deceased, 40)
                 Aunt Vee (Unknown, Age 42)

Kristian, Nazar, Dane[trapped in an alternate dimension], Woozii, Aedan, Steve, Tyra, Xander, Zenno, Tramp, Torpedo [All from old groups.]


E.S.P = Result of Human and Pokemon soul bonding, Deceased.

Sypher, Zenec = Allies of ESP.

The Management = Behind ESP's creation. Have fought Josh and his friends on many occasions.

Current Topic


Important Items:

Poketch : Josh's Watch that has the time, allows transfer of Pokemon etc.
Shield Fossil - A Fossil from a Pokemon from a long time ago. Holds Shieldon.


Josh was adopted into a wealthy family outside of Goldenrod City in the Johto Region. Before Josh was adopted, he was tested on, one of the many [and only] Humans that survived the harsh testing. When a Corparation fused both a Powerful Pokemon and part of Josh's psyche, it created a Dual Personality: The Josh that was normally in control and ESP : An instinctual being of rage, power and destruction with Psionic Powers.

When he was adopted, his parents quickly hired a psychologist after odd behaviour including mood swings and death threats. After thinking Josh was 'better', his parents sent him to boarding school. After a week, the strange behaviour kicked in when 3 boys who tried to harm Josh ended up being crushed by a Juggernaut against a tree, barely surviving. His parents finally turned back to the psychologists and funded a new drug which turned out to be a massive success; it was able to 'cage' the multiple personality's which haunted a person. Josh was one of the first to take it and E.S.P was caged...

After Several years, Josh was finally mentally stable, and was given a Pokemon: an Eevee. Josh and Eevee developed a close bond and after Eevee evolved into an Espeon, they developed a Telepathic bond that allowed them to understand each others thoughts.

On Josh's 14th Birthday, A Tyranitair went on rampage,  destroying buildings and Josh's family home, apparently killing his parents. Josh escaped his home and after some travlling around the Kanto region for a new life, met Kristian, Jordan, Nazar and Aedan: Four traiiners who seeked out the Gym Leaders. Josh followed the group around Cinnabar and joined them when they entered the One Island Volcano and has since then, been travelling around with them.

Josh spent a long time with them and went through what some people go through in a lifetime: ESP was unleashed yet again and escaped Josh's body, an evil organisation called THE MANAGEMENT attacked the group on several occasions. After the group parted ways, Josh joined 'Search For Suspicion', a group dedicated to tracking The MANAGEMENT and Josh became a PHQ member when they battled for custody of the Lavender Tower.

After a teleport went wrong, Josh left for the boat to Sinnoh, which landed in Canalve City to start his own quest, catching his first Sinnoh Pokemon, Gastrodon.This was cut short when he found Xander from his old travelling group again, and Zenno from his old team, as well as newbie Tyra. Josh met in with ESP again and was stolen from his body and trapped in ESP's mind. While that was going on, ESP posed as 'Jeordie White' in an attempt to steal PHQ secrets. He was found out and in revenge for hurting Josh yet again, Espeon disintagrated ESP and destroyed his mind, killing him. Josh is now back with the group in his own body.

Josh battled Gardenia with Xander Blake and lost, but rematched her later and managed to win. After finding out some of Aura's history, Josh intended to help her locate where strange Telepathic emissions were coming from, but was teleported by a Rotom after watching the TV in the Pokemon Center and has found his friend Kristian.

After leaving Kristian and his friends, Josh felt immense pressure and left for Hoenn, where he hoped to recover for a few weeks. Meeting another boy, Josh travelled to Mauville, before leaving to Verdanturf to take part in Pokemon Contests and has not been heard from since...

Pokemon: In last post.

Music / Which songs are you currently obsessed with?
« on: March 07, 2007, 21:20 »
So, like the question says: What songs are you currently obsessed with? Add up to 5.

Here is a list of mine:

Alice Cooper - Schools Out
Alice Cooper - Poison
Rob Zombie - Dragula
Wednesday 13 - Home Sweet Homicide
Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People

So, whats everyone currently obsessed with? Remember, this is NOT your favourite songs, its just the ones you have recently started listening to alot/more then usual.

Character Guides / Josh Mizuki (Edited)
« on: August 22, 2006, 18:22 »

Character Name: Josh Mizuki

Age: 16 Years Old.


He is about 5"10/60kg

Brought up in a wealthy family outside Goldenrod and was given an Eevee for a birthday one year. He bonded with the Pokemon & it evolved into an Espeon after several years.

On the eve of his 14th birthday, a Tyranitar went on a rampage and destroyed his family home. Whilst Josh and Espeon escaped unscathed, the status of his parents is unknown, although they are presumed dead.

After this Event, Josh escaped to his Aunt Vee's, who gave him a water Pokemon, Lapras. Josh was then attacked by A Mysterious Team (thought to be Team Rocket). He escaped, and his Aunt Vee warned him to travel far away and met up with a group of travellers.

Badges: 3 (1,2,7)

Friends: Everyone in Josh's travelling group is his friend, Josh has 'forgiven' John Tempest but is not friends with him.

Enemies: ESP [Deceased], The Management.



History: Josh's first Pokemon. Espeon has travelled with Josh the longest and the only Pokemon to share a telepathic bond with him. It is currently resting.

Main Attacks: Psychic, Barrier, Reflect, Morning Sun, Shadow Ball, Calm Mind, Psych Up, Bite.


History: Josh's surfing Pokemon, Lapras has not been seen since Josh's first Gym battle. It helped defeat Blaines Moltres, and has manged to learn Perish Song, capable of dealing terrible damage on a Person/Pokemon.

Main Attacks: Ice Beam, Surf, Perish Song, Sing, Mist, Icy Wind.


History: The first Pokemon that Josh actually caught himself. Josh caught Octillery one One Island as it tried to drag his Lapras under the water. It is the second most Powerful Pokemon on Josh's team, just behind Espeon. It has many poweful attacks including Ice Beam and Hyper Beam.

Main Attacks: Hyper Beam, Octazooka, Ice Beam, Aurora Beam, Psybeam, Wrap, Constrict, Water Gun, Tackle.


Josh caught Persian as a Meowth when he met up with Xander again. Strangely, it knows Thunderbolt, which is an attack Meowth don't know. Meowth evolved into Persian during a Training Period After Cinnabar gym.

Main Attacks: Thunderbolt, Assist, Cut, Scratch, Fury Swipes, Pay Day, Crunch.


Josh received Duskull before Viridian off of a 'Messenger'.
Since then, Duskull has battled several times, but its first main appearence was when the team fought 'The Management'. After being eaten by Misty's Gyarados it survived and evolved into Duslops, learning Shadow Punch in the process.

Other/All Attacks: Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Ball, Night Shade, Pursuit, Future Sight, Body Slam, Shadow Punch.


Machamp was traded from Aedan when i was still a Machoke. Although after being traded it evolved into Machamp. Not much is known about its Personality other than the fact it likes to show off its strength.

Moves = Cross Chop, Earthquake, Bulk Up, Body Slam


Josh received Feebas from a Man who had the 'Worlds Most Powerful Pokemon', only to realise it was a Feebas. It is overall, Josh's least powerful Pokemon, but managed to KO a Milotic after tacklin it with Electricity running through its body.

Other/All Attacks: Tackle, Water Pulse, Splash, Rain Dance.[/b]

Previously Owned Pokemon:

Eevee = (evolved from Espeon before the PLC)
Duskull = (evolved into Dusclops)
Meowth = (evolved into Persian)
Machoke = (Traded from Aedan on the GTS, evolved after Trade was completed.)
Clefairy = Was traded on the GTS

Current Team:
Champ (Machamp)

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