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Character Guides / Aria Valentine [Second Character]
« on: August 20, 2007, 15:28 »
Character Name: Aria Valentine

Age: 13 (14th February 1994)

Gender: Female

Character Description:
Height: 5'0"
Hair: Waist length blonde hair
Eyes: Dazzlingly blue eyes
Clothing: She normally wears a skirt and t-shirt, but sometimes wears jeans and a long sleeve.
Language: English

Character Personality:
Aria is an extremely attractive girl, with most boys she meets falling in love with her. She is very kind and caring, and has a dry sense of humour, although can be very loud and angry when she throws a "girl strop".

Character History:
Aria lives in Blackthorn City in Johto, the granddaughter of the Move Deleter.
She lived a very happy life, as her family were very rich, and learnt to love her complete collection of Pokémon plushies.
Never experiencing danger until her 10th birthday, she was a happy and blissfully unaware of other people's misfortunes until that day.

On her way to New Bark Town, she had to travel through Dark Cave, where they encountered a swarm of angry Geodude and Graveller. Without any Pokémon, she would have been a goner, but luckily, Clair, the Blackthorn Gym Leader was there policing the cave for Team Rocket. With an attack from her Dragonair, Aria was able to get through to New Bark, and picked up a Cyndaquil.

Currently, Aria is following the legendary dogs, and also the group of Saesa Govannea and his friends, with her fully evolved Typhlosion, and Jynx, Chansey and Kadabra.

Gym Badges Obtained:
Zephyr Badge
Glacier Badge


Geodude and Graveller


Hyper Potion

Pokemon (with him):


Aria's Starter Pokémon.
(Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Ember, Sand Attack, Cut, Tackle)


Caught in Ice Path on the way back to Blackthorn from Mahogany.
(Ice Punch, Sweet Kiss, Lovely Kiss, Icy Wind, Ice Beam, Psychic)


Given as a gift from the Move Deleter.
(Heal Bell, Softboiled, Double Edge, Dynamicpuch, Brick Break)


Caught outside Violet City.
(Confusion, Psybeam, Teleport, Kinesis, Calm Mind, Trick Room)

Character Guides / Na-2
« on: July 07, 2007, 13:48 »
Name: Na-2 (Horace Blythe-Gaterwick)

Age: 14

Appearance: A 5’7” cue ball, he is relatively short, but fat for his age. He is olive tanned and has brown eyes that nearly match his skin colour. His mouth is very large, and his muscles bulge, while the mouth talks.
He has an illegal tattoo etched onto his arm in electric blue, with a Luvdisc and MOM written in stylised, graffiti-like letters.

Personality: Generally pretty thick, Na-2 is very sensitive and any insults to him or his mum get to his head and the ‘offender’ normally walks away with a punch in the face.
Na-2 is happy when he wins a battle with his Psychic and Dark type Pokémon.

History: Na-2’s life story: Na-2 was born in the suburbs of the shady Ashrae Town,     just east of Rustboro City. He grew up a street life in the city, and when he turned 10, decided to try and catch his first Pokémon. He wandered into the streets, where he knew the Pokémon lurked, and ended up facing a Skorupi in the middle of the road.
Just as he caught the Pokémon after throwing five Pokéballs, a car came speeding down the road and was about to hit the youngster when a Ralts teleported him away.
He ended up befriending the Ralts, and after challenging it to a battle, capturing it with a bit of help from Skorupi. Since then, he trained for 6 months, before joining Team Rocket.
He found his life turned upside-down and seeing the cruelty that happened to the Pokémon that he caught, engaged in a battle with one of the Admins and crushed the opponent Arbok with his Ralts.
In the aftermath, Ralts evolved into a Kirlia and learned Psybeam.
Na-2 left Team Rocket with a vengeance, and swore to stop them whatever it took.
His beloved Psychic and Dark Pokémon had done him proud, and he was determined to train. And so he did, for exactly 3 years and six months, challenging trainers, catching Pokémon. We start the story with Na-2 aspiring to become a Pokérapper and a Dark/Psychic master in the Rustboro Rap Status HQ, waiting for Alexo to pick him up for a challenge.

Na-2 has taken out the Hoenn, Sinnoh and Kanto Rappers to achieve Silver Status, but needs to defeat the last rap master in Blackthorn City to advance.

Friends: John Bonz, Saesa Govannea
Enemies: None at current

Drapion (Evolved outside Goldenrod City)

(Poison Sting, Stab, Dig, Fury Cutter, Tackle, Slam, Spikes, Poison Tail)


(Psybeam, Teleport, Subsitute, Barrier, Reflect, Role Play, Recover, Heal Bell, Protect, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch)


(Ember, Flamethrower, Faint Attack, Snatch, Thief, Slash, Roar, Fire Spin, Tackle, Fire Blast, Faint Attack, Quick Attack, Aerial Ace)


(Surf, Water Gun, Aqua Tail, Ice Fang, Rain Dance, Dragonbreath, Dragon Dance)

Girafarig (Caught at the lake of rage)

(Confusion, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Teleport, Shadow Ball)


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