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Your Sprite Art / Catstorm's Sprite-O-Dome
« on: May 14, 2012, 23:32 »
I'm back.*

I do mixes and shading type things.


Give me your requests, but nothing too ludicrous...unless you want a challenge.


*Amount of time between request and result varies by motivation level.

Character Guides / Aqua
« on: August 02, 2010, 03:30 »
Yay! Story time :3


Aqua Johnson






Aqua is rather tall for her age at 5"4 and has dark brown hair that is shoulder-length. She also has bluish eyes. Her expression is rarely melancholy and she is often smiling. Aqua also has light skin, but since she spends a lot of time outside in the sun, it is somewhat tanned. She's somewhat skinny (although it's not her eating habits that cause this) and athletic. She is also sporting a light green and white baseball cap, along with a light green T-shirt with a white Poké Ball design on it, and blue jeans. In her travels, she carries around a purple backpack and her Poké Ball belt, which is also purple. She often wears a lot of bracelets on her arm.


Aqua is a unique person who likes to be in solitude unless around Trainers or Pokemon. She enjoys battling most of the time, unless it is unfair. Aqua can also be rather hasty in making decisions and so her battles are usually fast-paced, although this can lead to wrong decisions which may cost her. Still, she doesn’t have a short fuse. If she wants something, she will be desperate in getting it. She likes to capture Pokémon that others usually consider weaker, but will not bypass a chance to catch a rare creature.


Aqua did not start her journey until she was thirteen years old. She originally lived in Orre, but her family moved to the north of Rustboro in Hoenn when she was eleven because of her father's job. The move had inspired her to become a Trainer, since she was so close to wild Pokémon and a real League, but her parents felt it was far too dangerous for someone of her age to go about the world. Aqua had felt rebellious, and even tried to run away with her Anorith. Eventually, the parents caved in on her decision and allowed her to become an official trainer when she was eleven, also giving her a Doduo.

Friends and enemies
None! *gasp*


Anorith "Anori" 
Naughty - Hates to lose. - Battle Armor

Moves: Scratch, Water Gun, Mud Sport

Anorith was Aqua's first Pokemon, found when he escaped from Devon's fossil laboratory. She took him in and built a comfortable space for him in their backyard until she could become a Trainer. The Anorith freely accepted entering a Poké Ball. Since then, Anori has become her good friend, and although battles can be a little troublesome, being somewhat weak, he remains a staple part of the team. Aqua is determined that he will become more powerful. Anori is easily frustrated and can sometimes act stubborn in the midst of battle if he doesn't agree with the orders of his Trainer.

Doduo "Speedy"
Hasty - Likes to run. - Run Away

Moves: Peck, Growl, Quick Attack, Rage

Doduo was found in the deserts of Orre, but Aqua's parents planned it for her twelfth birthday. Instead, it escaped from its Poké Ball months earlier and ran about the house until all three could quiet it down. Between that time and the beginning of Aqua's journey, Speedy stayed with Anori and then accepted entering a Poké Ball. She has been proven to be a reliable source of transportation for Aqua, but being a member of the novice team, Speedy has not formed quite enough a bond yet to be considered close to her Trainer.

Jolly - Sturdy body. - Shell Armor
Moves: Fury Cutter, Rock Blast

A gift as part of an event from Professor Birch. Its Poké Ball came in the mail to her. Dwebble is new to the team and evidently the weakest.

x1 - Rock Tomb


Stone Badge

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