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Character Guides / Bluffy Dowden
« on: October 11, 2009, 05:17 »
Character name: Bluffy Oswald Dowden
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Description:Bluffy's tall, standing at 5"7, has red hair that extends to just above her elbow and black eyes. She has a medium-pale complexion, and she's skinny for her age. Bluffy wears a red plaid pea jacket, black skinny jeans and black Mary Janes. She carries around a large purple messenger bag that contains her vital miscellaneous items.
Bluffy has been known to blow up on occasions, but despite this, she usually has an optimistic personality. She finds that there is no need to cuss, so you never hear her say any swears, unless under her breath. Bluffy's quite pedantic, so she corrects anyone who has incorrect grammar, or a small typo in an essay. She also regrets a lot of things she’s done in her life, and as a result she might sigh and look into space for some time. Bluffy has a tendency to freeze up when yelled at or asked a critical question. When she gets embarrassed, she blushes profusely and stutters. She pushes her pokemon (a bit too much) to be the best they could be, and as a result they sometimes disobey her commands.
History: Bluffy's earned 8 badges in Sinnoh, none from Johto, 6 from Kanto and none yet from Hoenn. She's never met or challenged any of the Elite Four, and plans to when she earns all of the possible badges. She's went to her hometown, Snowpoint, to train herself and her pokémon by enduring hours being pelted outside in the hail, wearing thin clothing. After, she deemed it time to resume her journey in Johto. Just before she left for Snowpoint a mysterious stranger gave her a White Flute, and she's learned how to play it fluently. She's also a Rage Candy Bar addict, and always keeps a couple. She bought a journal with pencils, and plans to start it when she arrives in Johto again. Also, she's a pokemon trainer, co-ordinator, collector, and rare item collector.
Friends and enemies
None so far.
--"Monk" - Male - Infernape -- Bluffy's very first starter, she's best friends with Monk and they've endured a lot together.
--"Lass" - Froslass -- Caught as a Snorunt in her hometown in Snowpoint. Lass is quite shy with strangers, but has no trouble battling other pokemon.
--"Mr. Freckle" - Male - Golduck - - Bluffy's always remembered having Mr. Freckle with her. She thinks she might've caught him near Lake Acuity.
--"Gallant" - Gallade -- She's had him as a Kirlia, and caught in Route 202. She traded a Fire Stone for a Dawn Stone to a fellow rare item collector, and evolved him into a Gallade.
--Electivire -- Male - She's traded a Magmortar for him. Electivire's a been a great addition for the team, and has replaced Booberry in her current team.
--Chatot -- Female -Caught near Sunyshore, Chatot serves a small role in Bluffy's team.

--"Booberry"-Luxray--Male-Caught as a Shinx, her first pokemon she's ever caught. She rarely switches Booberry out with Electivire.
--Skitty--Female-Caught in Hoenn, she caught her and taught two of her TMs, and stored in the PC just in case of emergency. Participates in contests once in a while.
--"Vixen"-Umbreon--Female-Caught as her first Eevee.
--"Prancer"-Espeon--Male-Brother of Vixen.

Berry Bag containing various berries
Badge Case
White Flute
Poffin Case
Berry Planter- Currently growing Sitrus berries
(2,000 coins)
Blank, with three sharp pencils
Super Rod

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