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Random Randomness / Whatcha doing? =)
« on: May 12, 2011, 03:35 »
Hola Fellow Pkmn People I am her to announce a very,very,very,very,very, AWESOME ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!! This morning my mom was doing laundry and she started up the dryer. She heard thump thump thump as if there was a shoe in there. Guess what happens next....... My mom opened it and heard a meow it was my cat Mittens in the dryer lucky for her we noticed shemwas in there. The poor cat was tramatized  :( Poor Mitty :( Anyways after that my mom stepped on the poor cat was getting abused in just one morning but shes happy and back to her own self.  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D Thanks for reading!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!!!! Wonderful weather were having on this fine day well not for me!!!!! I am having a CRAP of a rain situation. On Thursday it poured and I had my sisters soccer game. 2 WORDS: IT SUCKED!!!!!!!!! Ohhh and by the way I am drinking some cocoa and reading a Pokemon manual!!!!!!!!!!!!  :P ;D :P ;D 8) :P

Hola PKMN Amigos!!!!!! I am back and what I am doing today is................ FINNALY GETTING OUT OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!! *Claps Hands Loudly* And today I am going to be maybe on PKMN after I get out!!!!!!!! If my mom gets the password off.............. well anyways............. *Says in Yoda voice* The force be with it may!!!!! Have a AWESOMELY AWESOME DAY!!!!!! Talk to you all later!!!!!! Bye!!!!!

Hello Pkmn Peoples!!!!!! I haven't got back to all of you on what i'm doing so.......... Ill tell you all what I have been doing since I last talked to you.......... READING,DRAWING,HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS,CLEANING,EATING,BREATHING,SLEEPING,WATCHING TV,LISTENING TO MUSIC,WRITING,COOKING,PLAYING,TEXTING,ROLLING,COLORING,YOUTUBING,PKMNING AND............................ EVERTHING!!!!!!! *Coughs cause is out of breath* So Yea......... THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL!!!!!!! BYE  ;D

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