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Role Play / New RP idea! Anyone up for Medival Elements?
« on: October 16, 2012, 23:32 »
So what I have been thinking about for the last few weeks is whether anyone would be interested in a elemental RP. We have had one of these is a long time I know, but this time I wanna add a little something... like changing the timeline. So what if the time was medival, back then with nights and sword fights, that kind of action. Heres kind where the plot takes goes, so I was thinking that it is kind of a mythical thing with dark magic and such. There are creatures terrorizing the village, and evil elementist taking toll. Thus the royal family takes charge, banning all magic from the village. If anyone is found using the art the will be thrown in the dungeon or put to death. You are one of those people. An elementist. You can choose to join a league of evil elementist, which is they get to clouded up with evil their element turns dark. Or you can resist and be good as long as you are out of the village and in the woods or wherever you chose to go. That may come with a price as I said before there are also evil creature in the forest. You choose what you wanna do.

The plot I intend to add some to if anyone is interested. Just to give a bit for variety I will list the elements you may have.

             I am only limiting 2 of the same element, so if you are interested I will be putting the form up soon, you just have to ask for that spot. If there are any elements you may want to add, pm me. :)

Role Play / The Upbringing of RP's :)
« on: September 25, 2012, 19:20 »
The roleplay board has been kinda slow lately, so my goal is to get it back up and running! Anyone have any ideas they would love to contribute?

Music / Anyone here know of "Wicked" the musical?
« on: July 08, 2012, 02:59 »
I just had to absolutly post this. I have been wondering for forever. It is my most favorite musical. Full of action and excitment between the 2 witches of OZ.

Role Play / Avenger Rp?
« on: June 14, 2012, 04:15 »
I think I may have a few ideas, but the thing is would anyone be interested? We haven't had some rps like this in awhile so I think it would be cool to bring one back.

Role Play / Would anyone be up for a witch and warlock rp?
« on: May 29, 2012, 03:55 »
Not like harry potter. I'm kind of looking down the lines on the tv show "Charmed" type of stuff. If anyone has seen it can they relate?

Your Art / Defying The Challenge: Chapter 1
« on: May 17, 2012, 22:36 »
((I posted this on deviantart and wanted to see want pkmn thought of it also so enjoy! :) ))

Chapter 1

The others, what about the others. Four of them. What will happen if I am not by their side to guide them? I pace up and down a long dark hall. My blue sundress about the others." Since I control the element of water… what could I do to use that against them? Shoot water through the walls? No… to obvious. Think Adria, think. That's it! If I flood this place, the pressure will make the walls and doors burst. Considering I am the only one that can breathe under water. I can escape, simple as that. I looked around. As it seems no one is in plain sight. Sitting on the floor I closed my eyes. I needed to concentrate. It felt as if the water was about to burst out of my body. The pressure and power. It felt completely brilliant. As it built up more and more each second. I hear they door loudly open and shut. My dress flies back and forth with me. "Damn it" I slammed my hands into the wall. I was probably they only one experienced with my gift. If I can't get out of here they will basically be putty in Gilfordof's hands. No, I will not let that happen. But what could I do. I was stuck in Gilfordof's lair myself. "And I'm worrying about the others." So much for concentration. All that work… for nothing. All the tension and pressure slowly drift away. I open my eyes and see three large shadows. Turning my head. Of course it's Gilfordof and his "body guards". As if he needed they. He was the largest man I had surely ever seen. I ask rudely, "What do you want…?" He replies in a loud deep voice, "Just checking on my pretty little water flower." I rolled my eyes. I can't believe he would say such a stupid thing. I stared into his dark beady eyes, "Thanks for you concern… truly." He gave me a dirty look. "Listen sweet heart, no reason to be a brat at times like these… we're all friends here." I was fed up with this guy. All he wanted was my gift. He knew I had the capability to find the others. He was just trying to sweet talking me into helping him. But nope it will never work. I'm not that stupid. He grinned and I looked down to the ground. "No response… huh?" His voice was cold. Stepping towards me he reached for my chin. Pushing it up so I was eye to eye with him. He pushed my golden hair out of my face. I looked at him with disgust.  Quickly I brought up my hand and slapped it across his face, Of course he let go it never fails. I jumped to my feat. Trying the whole water thing again. This time it took no effort. Simply water burst out of my finger tips, hitting the walls. Every moment the water got more and more powerful. Until at last it dented the wall and it just crumbled. I was lucky because it lead outside. Finally I could escape. I look back to see Gilfordof and his "body guards" trying to swim through the current I left behind. I smirk and quickly dart outside. The air smelt sweet and delightful. I was finally free. Behind me I heard sirens ringing. I had to move fast because guards would surely soon be after me. But nothing came. As I ran the sound slowly disappeared, until I heard it no more. Joy, a beautiful feeling I had not felt in so long. I stop for a moment to enjoy it all. There were trees, large and lusciously green. Plus the grass filled with flowers. It was all so amazing. But now I had to stick to what I really came here for. To find the others.

Your Art / Demons Among Us. ((Mythical Mid-Aged Story.))
« on: March 30, 2012, 00:01 »
I sit alone, perched on a branch in a high up tree. The sun drifted behind mountains in the distance. The sky was a beautiful color. The orange, red, and purple made it quite lovely. I still sit still my bow and arrow ready to fire at any second. Hunting always took my mind off my family, considering it is them who have brought me and the world to danger for the last 17 years. Just them getting together was trouble enough, but now… oh are they in trouble. I glance around as I hear a small twig snap. A few yards from I was a boy. He looked about my age, except he was much taller and I’m not the shortest person in the world. It seemed as if he was in fear or worried about something. I examined him up from down. He stopped to catch his breath. Taking a seat on a rock he pulled out a blood stained dagger. It was golden so he obviously wasn’t that poor. I had a feeling he was trained to deal with things far beyond my experts. I sighed and silently climb down the tree. Making sure nothing was in my way on the ground I safely jumped down. Quickly I turned away and started walking when a sharp strong voice said, “Who’s there?” I stayed still hiding behind the tree. The voice came again,” I have a weapon and I’m not afraid to use it! Show yourself at once.” I sighed saying under my breath, “Crap…” But I couldn’t deny his words. I slowly turned around showing myself. I stared at him with disbelief. I hadn’t seen one like me for ages. He was also a elemental angel.

Role Play / True Luck (New RP) Joining Open~
« on: February 27, 2012, 23:45 »
"I am sorry master I have failed you once again, but I have a good explanation for it..." A stiff voice said. There was a dark silence in a room that could not be identifyed. "Child... I have had enough of your silly excuses... You must get the package before its to late..." A demonic voice shouted with anger. "I understand sir, but you see their guardians have found them... it is not so easy to get past that way." The voice that was stiff now was quiet, it seemed to back off quite a bit. The loud voice thundered," Ahh... I see Quertyum has been awared off my plan... I wonder how so..." The voice paused. "That means if we are to turn these kids we must try harder... otherwise they will be influenced by good..." The weak voice turned stiff again and said," Yes sir... I will go and essemble a team right away..." The drak man smiled and said," Excellent..." He sounded as if he was very pleased.

Plot: So I was thinking it is you and your guardian. (Wolf,Bird,Human, etc) The thing is youare a magical being(Angel,Human,etc) who hasn't seen your power yet. You have no idea what is going on, that is where your guardian comes in. You can choose if you are going to be on the good side ruled by Quertyum. Or you will be influenced by the darkness and go to which your ruler is a demon. (You can be a demon) You must find the others that you are suppose to mean up with to make the ultimate team of magic. You are one of the few who have been given this gift to help protect the world so it doesn't fall apart. Will you turn to the darkside by anger and rage or will you stay on the side of goodness were you will learn to control your power. Well thats up to you...

Name: (First and Last)

Age:(Between 8 and 25 please... if any other suggestions PM me...)

Gender:(This is a hard one)

Personality: (3 lines or more)

Description: (3 lines or more)

Type: (Angel,Demon,Human,Witch,etc)

Powers:(2 or 3 other than with the elements than you can have only one)


Other: (Weapons,Pets,Other)

Starter Post: (Choice)

I will get my forms up shortly :3

Guardian Form

Name: (First is all I need)

Type: (Wolf,Human,etc)

Age:(However old they are...)

Gender:(Once again this is so hard.)

Personality: (2 or more)

Description: (2 or more)

Other: (Anything else you wanna add)

Role Play / ~Someone Other than Myself~ (New Demi-God RP)
« on: February 07, 2012, 14:33 »
"Yes, I can see them... maybe up to 10 or 13. Very powerful demi-gods they are... we must get them as they are young... before they form a alliance... than they will be able to easily defeat us..." A dark frustrated voice said. There was a silence in the dark cave. "Do you wish me to kill them master?" A small sharp voice said. "Not just yet they could come and handy... bring them to me 1 by 1... it will be easier that way... try before the camp finds them!" The dark voice bellowed. "Yes master as you wish..." The small voice faded as he exited the cave. "Before its to late..." The dark voice said with a sigh.

Plot~ So the plot is basically if you have read the books. You start out as what you think you are a normal child. You have either a mom or a dad still left. The one you choose depends on what godly parent you have. At a certain age you demi-god powers start to arrive... monsters sadly can smell that. You get attacked alot, chased and followed... heck one could even pretend to be your friend. The thing is you don't know how to control your power yet. That is when someone his sent for you... to take you to camp halfblood... some go the whole year some just stay for the summer. As you are first tooken there you must wait for you godly parent to claim you. Its a sign that you are theirs. Some get chosen right as they arrive some for it might take days or weeks. At the camp you are trained to use your powers in the best of ways. Who knows you may make some new friends and enemys. As you are setteled in a new enemy occurs... and he wants to kill you. Will you defeat him or will he defeat you?
(Yes there will be Percy and Annabeth in it for those of you who have read the books...)

Form~ Okay so I am gonna start by listing the greek gods and goddeses that you can choose for you parents... I am gonna name basically the main gods, so if you have a request for me to put in be my guest!

Zeus~ God of the Sky. He is basically the head honcho of us all.
Posiden~ God of the Sea. Not as powerful as Zeus, but he is up there.
Hades~ God of Death and the Underworld. Well if you even want to call him a god.
Apollo~ God of Music and the Arts.
Aphrodite~ God of Beauty and Love.
Heptamus~ God of Tools and Building stuff.
Athena~ God of the Smarts and Archutecture.
Hermes~ The Messenger God and the God of thieves.
Aries~ The God of War.
     If you have any more requests go ahead and PM me.

Now for the Form~ (You can have up to 2 demi-gods... but they must have too different parents)

Name~ First and Last please.

Age~ Between the ages of 11 and 17

Gender~ I hope you don't have problems awnsering this...

Personality~ 3 to 4 lines long please.

Description~ 3 to 4 lines long please.

Weapon~ You choose a weapon at camp.

Godly Parent~ Basically what they are about.

Un- Godly Parent~ Your Mom or Dad and about them.

History~ Must have this done so we know who you really are...

Starter Post~ Try to get this up.

Rules~ Well you know all the rules of Pkmn... those are basically what you follow..
Fighting and Romance please keep to a PG-13 level.
Respect your fellow RP'rs and thats all of it...

I hope we have a awesome time with this RP :)

Role Play / New RP Idea! Percy Jackson Demi-God
« on: February 07, 2012, 01:15 »
Anyone up for a Percy Jackson Demi-God RP? If so I've got Ideas.  v_v

Role Play / ~Out of the Shadows~ (New RP) :)
« on: December 23, 2011, 01:32 »
"But father, you're dying... and I can not rule without you..." A young man whined. The a old tired voice said," But my boy... you have been waiting or this moment all your life..." "I can't do it... what about all the evil wizards and such... what will I do then..." Tears fell out of the boy's eyes. "Don't worry Peter... help and power will come my boy... help is near..." The man said with a cough and sigh. "What do you mean father... what help... what power?" There was a sigh when the boy screamed out. "Father! What power... what help? Dad NO!" Another dark silence entered the room... his father was dead. Tears strolled down his cheeks and on the his pants... He yelled out," MOM.... help!" Moments later his Mom rushed in only to see his father dead on the bed..." They both sat there for awhile crying... from then on there lives were changes forever.

The Plot~ Okay so basically the king is dead and his son must take over along with his mother (If anyone would like to be them as a charector go ahead!) And when it was the kinggs last breath and he said," Help and Power..." Well we are the power... You have 4 choices... to be a magical creature (Pixie,Mermaid,Elf, E.t.c) Or to be a Warrior,Ninja(I like this one  :)) Or a Archer.
Now these 4 choices all have specific weapons that comes with it. The Warrior can have anything between daggers, shields, swords... But the ninja has a whole different thing. For example they would have to use only daggers swords and their bodies. Same with Archer they can have a bow and arrow and shield only. For the Mythical creatures the can only carrie the magic substance they have. You will be the protectors of the city. But that you don't know yet. This is just a choice but you may have a mythical creature pet (Dragon,Unicorn,Wolf, etc) So yea there will also be parts for evil wizards  :o not really a suprise... but I hope we go through with this and have some fun! Put a afro dude if you read this and the RULES!

The Rules~

We all know the rules! Basic Pkmn rules! PG-13 with violence and romance so yea!
Put the afro...

The Form~


Name: (Easy...)


Type: (Warrior, Ninja, or Archer... maybe a little easy)

Personality:(3 lines at least... getting a little harder...)

Description: (3 lines at least... OMG MY BRAIN IS STARTING TO BURN! jk

Weapon Choice: (Rember the choices child... rember!)

Mythical Pet: ( v_v)

History: (BLAH  :D)

Other: (Yea  :D)

Starter Post:

Mythical Person Form:

Same but different creature features!

Role Play / When the Crystal Shattered. ~ Joiners Needed~
« on: November 02, 2011, 19:39 »
"But Sir... Only the 7 chosen ones may possess the powers of the crystal... plus the king is still alive how will we snatch it away from him..." A young boy looked up at a dark man... the man had felineish eyes and black greased hair, a evil grin lie on his face. "Ohh Gregory... such a young boy with so much to learn... only if we knew it all... ill tell you a secret only time can tell untill then we will just have to wait..."

                                  At the palace

The king sat in on his throne and sighed," I can feel it coming... its after the crystal... its time to do what I have never done... destroy it..." As the king stood up he grunted in pain... it must have been the arthridous in his knees. He walked out to the balconey and closed his eyes. The crystal started glowing and it flew off his neck. The king fell to the ground weak from the crystals abesince. That was the only power he had. He opened his eyes for the last time and saw the crystal fly apart into all different directions. After it was gone for good so was the king... it was as if he just disapeared gone out of no where... and that was when the mystery had just begun...


In this story 7 kids/adults come across a glowing crystal. Out of curiosity they pick it up. It turns out you are one of the chosen ones... the only one who can possess the powers of the crystal. The crystals color matches its element that is drawn within. Since you control the crystal it comes to be apart of you. You figure out the king has gone missing. You think its odd how once you find the crystal the kind disapears. But rember this is a time which is medival so alot off thing could of happened. You also notice that the crystal looks almost broken... it confused you so you decided to go out and learn how to control you gift... maybe even find the king and others to... and after that we will see were it takes you.







Pet: (Any mystical creature or cat,dog, etc)

Element: ( Nature is took -- just request and I will save for you) The 7 element are Water,Fire,Earth,Air,Nature,Darkness,and light...


Anything Else:

Now for the villians
(Like I said only 7 elements so only can be 7 heros... but the villians can have any 2 powers such as shapeshifting,invisible,etc)


Age: (23-67)

Personality: 3-4 lines long

Appearance: 3-4 lines long

Pets: Same has heros although I suggest something like a snake or black cat but its your choice.

Weapon: Same old same old except can't be to techy because off medival times.


Anything else:

So yea now to the rules...

Basicly all of the main rules everyone else uses... you may have romance and violence...  :) most of all we just want to have fun so yea... the powers are powerful and can use them that way but not to much please and thankyou...

Please try to get you forms and starter posts done please... 1 hero per person but you can have a villian! So Yea I want to start this up so lets have some fun!  :) :) :) :) :)

"George... have you ever thought that maybe... just maybe there could be a such thing as humans with unique abilitys... humans that can control the elements..." A women said this to a man that stood beside her outside a door in a long dark hallway. "Sharie... don't you think that your imagination has gotten quite... childish?" The man replied to the woman. She replied back,"Well its just a theory... but I know that this presentation is going to blow the bosses mind I just know it!" "Well it better or he will have our heads..." The man said with a big gulp after the sentence. He pulled at his tie as if it was tight. He was obviously really nervous. A deep voice bellowed from inside the room," Come In!" The two adults slowly opened the door knob and walked in. "Hello sir!" Both of the two adults said saluteing their boss. "What brings you here?" He said deeply. "We are here to show you our presentation sir!" The woman said. He replied,"Then begin..." She said with a gulp," Well sir George and I have come up with a theory... a theory that may contain the exsistance of super humans that can control elements... I have done my reseach and it may be possible..." "Very good go on..." He bellowed. " Well you know in the lab where we have the chambers the scientists were experimenting with some animals... they started it up and the animals were struggling to excape but when the process was over the just stood there like mindless zombies... and thats the think the scientists told them to obey and they did... some how the gas probaly brainwashed them... and if it works on mammals why not work on humans... I am sure there are humans with mixed DNA so they may have special powers... we would need to find them and when we do we could use them as weapons... we need as much as we can get..." She swallowed a giant lump of spit hoping for a good awnser from the boss. " Dismissed... Yes... A very good idea it is... get the guards and tell them to search every where... I count on reseach and if it is wrong well you will regret it... we have the search warrants... we can do this..." he said as he got up out of his chair and walked out off the room.


                              Well you are one person who has a special gift... you can control a element. You are considered a very powerful weapon... the goverment and other foundations want you as their own so the try to capture you. But you won't let that happen. As you join up with the other people who have the gifts. Its you destiny to either use your gift for good or evil. You must join the group and together you will be unstoppable. Hopeful the will not take you down... but we will find that out if we get this up.

             The rules are pretty basic. PG-13 in violence and romance.
Good grammar and NO TEXT WORDS! Respect and be nice to others... I will not boot you out unless I really need to. Other then that! Have Fun!  v_v 


Name: Easy  v_v

Gender:If you don't know this one... You will make it no where in life...  ;D

Age: Any age you can be young of old it doesn't matter!  :D

Description: You can put pictures on if you would like but it is not required!  :)
Personality: YAY!

History: YEA!

Starter Post: WOW!

                               Hope we get this started up... and if we do I hope we have a awesome time! 8)

Role Play / Powers Of The Forgotten - Part 1
« on: August 06, 2011, 03:35 »
"What do you mean the girl got away!?!" A small women yelled angrily. One of her assistants said quietly," Umm well she did I guess she's not in her cell... so yea..." The lady obviously the boss of the whole situation rubbed her temples as if a head ache was forming. "Do you know what this could do to our carreer... the director will have our heads if we do not give him the main elements... and one of them is that girl... WE ALMOST HAD HER!" The woman yelled once again starting another sentance,"Send out all the forces you can get... infact tell them to look for all of the items we seek..." "Yes mam the assistant said quickly before running out the door and alarming the troups. The woman stood up and slowly walked out the door. Her heels clicked behind her...

So mainly the plot is about these people who have powers. They each can control the elements such as Fire,Water,Wind,Light,Darkness, and Earth. There are very few of these people that are alive... some may control the same element is they are siblings... other than that they are one of a kind. Now that you are the ingretient to a goverment super weapon... you must live forgotten and alone... intill you find the others just like you who have to hide. You join up and try to defeat the goverment and reclaim your freedom as a normal human being. But rember the more you work your power the more it grows so don't give in to the goverment and let them take advantage of that.









Starter Post:


We have to keep everything PG-13 level such as romance and stuff. No text talk and good grammar. Other than that have fun  ;D

Random Randomness / Whatcha doing? =)
« on: May 12, 2011, 03:35 »
Hola Fellow Pkmn People I am her to announce a very,very,very,very,very, AWESOME ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!! This morning my mom was doing laundry and she started up the dryer. She heard thump thump thump as if there was a shoe in there. Guess what happens next....... My mom opened it and heard a meow it was my cat Mittens in the dryer lucky for her we noticed shemwas in there. The poor cat was tramatized  :( Poor Mitty :( Anyways after that my mom stepped on the poor cat was getting abused in just one morning but shes happy and back to her own self.  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D Thanks for reading!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!!!! Wonderful weather were having on this fine day well not for me!!!!! I am having a CRAP of a rain situation. On Thursday it poured and I had my sisters soccer game. 2 WORDS: IT SUCKED!!!!!!!!! Ohhh and by the way I am drinking some cocoa and reading a Pokemon manual!!!!!!!!!!!!  :P ;D :P ;D 8) :P

Hola PKMN Amigos!!!!!! I am back and what I am doing today is................ FINNALY GETTING OUT OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!! *Claps Hands Loudly* And today I am going to be maybe on PKMN after I get out!!!!!!!! If my mom gets the password off.............. well anyways............. *Says in Yoda voice* The force be with it may!!!!! Have a AWESOMELY AWESOME DAY!!!!!! Talk to you all later!!!!!! Bye!!!!!

Hello Pkmn Peoples!!!!!! I haven't got back to all of you on what i'm doing so.......... Ill tell you all what I have been doing since I last talked to you.......... READING,DRAWING,HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS,CLEANING,EATING,BREATHING,SLEEPING,WATCHING TV,LISTENING TO MUSIC,WRITING,COOKING,PLAYING,TEXTING,ROLLING,COLORING,YOUTUBING,PKMNING AND............................ EVERTHING!!!!!!! *Coughs cause is out of breath* So Yea......... THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL!!!!!!! BYE  ;D

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