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Random Randomness / *sasuke uchiha voice* revenge...
« on: January 27, 2016, 00:00 »
ok so i decided to make a revenge board so we can talk all about plans for revenge and things we've done for revenge here!! as long as its legal ok!! as well as that, i shall share first...

ok so when i was little, like kindergarten little i had strawberry chapstick that i hecking loved to death it was my child ok like everyone else knew i was inseperable from it it was gr8 i would be being taught the alphabet and id be like "hold on teach" and id grab my chapstick, spread it on my lips, and answer, all suave like, "....after a? oh yeah thats b."

but then one day after recess (because that was a thing) i realized i had left it on my desk, so when i turned to get it again, it was GONE?! so i started psycho analyzing everyone everywhere in the classroom and i was like... mmmmmhmmmm.... jade seems unusually suspicious... so i checked her cubby and ba-bam! there was my chap stick!! i had a plan set in motion.

after that, i did that cliche tie her shoelaces together thing but i couldnt tie properly so i knotted them and she was like "wha" and i was smirking to myself silently but she just sat down and diligently unknotted them and i was like ???? but then phase 2 had to go down.

so phase two was a total flop as well, because she wasnt reacting to pepper being under her nose?? goddess. so that was not working, so i went straight out and slapped her like those movie sound effect slaps and she tumbled to the floor and when the teacher, ms ashley, came over she was like *gasping noise* ash!! what did you do!!

and my response??

"(5 letter b word) stole my chapstick, what was i supposed to do?!"

it was worth it

Your Art / i art u art we all art for... art??
« on: January 26, 2016, 22:04 »
so yes i art and i hope u like it???

Say Hello! / yes, hello memelords
« on: January 24, 2016, 23:56 »
hello all! i am ash, which stands for aesthetically-pleasing, super, and hecking-fine, thank you very much! i'm fifteen, and go by they/them pronouns because i'm genderfluid! i have some mental disorders but i don't think they'll get in the way of anything so long as poison2007 (who invited me to this and who ive been friends which since i was 10) is able to keep me in check.

of course, i also am new to forums in general and i hope you all will accept me with open arms!

(poison2007 said that someone named sylar will love me because of my subject name for this post.)

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