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I've actually been watching it somewhat, it's quite an interesting little experiment.

The democracy system was necessary in my opinion. It may be boring to watch when in that mode, but as the stream got popular it's become inundated with people deliberately trying to obstruct progress. At one point the entire thing was being flooded with bots throwing the 'start' command and other random buttons, although they seem to have resolved that somewhat for now.

Anarchy is the better mode of play, but is being hindered by the large numbers of trolls. The chaos should come from poor coordination, not people trying to push the character down off a ledge over and over. As such, I don't mind democracy being used when hours are needed just to pass a small obstacle.

The only thing I'd also like to add is to be cautious about apprenticeships with regards to what you'll do afterwards. There is no guarantee of work once it's finished. While many offer them because they need to train new workers, there are some companies out there that just use apprentices as cheap labour that they don't have to obey minimum wage laws for. At the end of the apprenticeship these places will just tell you there's no job for you and get a new apprentice, rather than raise your pay. It's not a huge risk, but it's something to be aware of - I know a couple of people that have been stung by it.

PKMN.NET / Re: Avatar Stretching?
« on: September 24, 2013, 21:06 »
It's switched to using JavaScript instead of HTML to do the resizing, which is all I can do or say at the moment - hence resizing only after the page finished loading. I can't do more until I get Internet access back at home.
That's fine - it works and shouldn't really bother anyone. Nice job!

PKMN.NET / Re: Avatar Stretching?
« on: September 24, 2013, 13:23 »
I'm seeing them stretch until the page completely finished loading, at which point they snap back to normal size. That's fine in my eyes.

I guess it might be something to do with any resizing tags that might be used by SMF to manipulate avatar sizes to fit the limits?

I suppose the best advice I can give is not to let it get you down. Motivation is going to be a critical part of getting yourself through this situation. It might seem hopeless, but often the best opportunities are those we simply didn't think to consider. I've a few friends who found themselves enjoying jobs which they never thought would be right for them, so don't knock anything until you've tried it. :)

If you're having trouble getting employment, you want to make sure that you're always building skills. Brick laying isn't a bad start if it gets you something but I understand you'll want a job that suits you better. Have you considered looking into apprenticeships? Electrics are a good area to get into which is a bit more weighted towards logic rather than manual work, if that's what you're after. You don't get paid much but it's a decent way to find a trade for yourself. Also - how are you applying to jobs? If you want to work in a shop, walking in and talking to the manager, introducing yourself, etc. will get you a lot further than mailing in forms like every other candidate. Having someone you know that can vouch for you is also a good leg up. Be bold, be friendly and just be yourself!

If you want to get into creative writing as a career, while self publishing on Amazon or similar is a way to make money, it's probably not a realistic means of supporting yourself at the moment. At least for now, I guess it's going to have to take a back seat and be something you do in your spare time until you build a reputation sufficient to make a living off of publishing. That doesn't mean you won't make it, but many great writers didn't make a career out of it immediately.

Good luck!

PKMN.NET / Re: Getting Rid of the Filter
« on: September 11, 2013, 22:43 »
Might I ask just how long ago anything further with them happened, mind you?

Random Randomness / Re: So I'm Considering Moving Out. Need Advise.
« on: September 10, 2013, 11:00 »
Mind if I ask what sort of area you're looking for a job in?

Edit: field, that is

Random Randomness / Re: So I'm Considering Moving Out. Need Advise.
« on: September 10, 2013, 00:55 »
[Postsniped, but here is some info anyway :) ]

I've not got much experience with bedsits, but I know a bit about house sharing, which is similar. With the right group of people it's also a great way to make friends, so if possible go for somewhere that doesn't have constantly changing housemates.

You may have trouble finding a place if you're unemployed, as landlords' main concern is whether you can afford the rent. That said, if you can find someone (parents?) to act as a guarantor for you you should find it easier (basically someone that agrees to cover the rent should you be unable to pay it). My main advice otherwise is to beware of dodgy landlords - if they take a large deposit it should always be held in one of a few government-approved 'protection schemes'. The vast majority of landlords are fine but it's important to be careful when signing contracts, as there are a few out there who prey on ignorance. A full inventory on arrival alongside photos taken by yourself is invaluable if they try to claim you've damaged anything when moving out.

As for contents, the limits are merely what will fit into your room. If you want to live in a sea of DVDs nobody is going to stop you, but furniture is usually provided (just ask the owner). Security may be something to keep in mind - contents insurance is good to have and is often included in rent for some places.

Good luck!

Role Play / Re: [Disc] Bokurano-style RP?
« on: September 08, 2013, 18:15 »
Who invents that sort of thing?!

Role Play / Re: [Disc] Bokurano-style RP?
« on: September 08, 2013, 17:23 »
...this is starting to sound like quite a body count - just why do these kids die anyway?

if it said that it came with an nvidia card, it could be using something called optimus. it'll only turn on the better graphics card when it needs to, to save battery. so if you're just browsing the web/whatever it'll only use the basic one, but when you open photoshop/a game it'll start up the better one and use that, at the expense of battery use/heat, not a problem if its plugged in though.

to double check, hit the windows key, or open the start menu. type 'dxdiag' and a program will come up. under the tab 'display' it'll tell you what graphics card(s) it has.

worth a try!

Or alternatively, Nvidia are very fond of putting stickers on laptops that use their graphics cards. If there's an 'Nvidia Geforce' sticker, you have a graphics card!

It's also worth noting that in general with Optimus you need to have the laptop plugged in to make use of the graphics card. No games on battery power, at least with default settings.

Role Play / Re: [Disc] Bokurano-style RP?
« on: September 07, 2013, 21:55 »
I've been away for a while and just came back recently, it's a shame the RP board is pretty dead, so I applaud any attempt at changing that - write away!
Bokurano is a series about 15 children at summer school who are pulled into a 'game' where they pilot a giant mecha to fight against other mechas from alternate versions of earth. However, once you've piloted the robot once, you die without fail.
...So these 15 children are made to pilot robots and all die because of it? That seems rather gloomy.

The problem is absolutely masculinity, but what people forget is that masculinity doesn't require women to be a problem. If a man is raped by a man, he will be seen as weak for not fighting back - it's not implying that male rapists are weak, it's implying that the victim is weak. That's what masculinity is all about - not being 'stronger than women' but being stronger than other men. A man raping a woman isn't necessarily at it's core a misogynistically driven action in every instance, it's often just an extreme show of masculinity. Showing other men "Look how manly I am, I don't need to play the dating game to get my sex, I just take it".
You raise a very interesting point here. I've never been one of the 'manly manly men' in that sense, and in school that was a big social disadvantage. It's a good thing that feminism encourages these traditional gender roles to be thrown aside, with women encouraged to be 'strong' and independent. However, there seems to be a lot of concern with demonizing masculinity but very little effort in providing a different model. If people want to remove that identity there needs to be a valid alternative.

Yes, currently it is indeed a man's world, and men do hold all the cards and maintain the glass ceiling, but it's not because they are 'MEN' and being a man somehow gives you a free pass into this world, it's because of history - it's tradition passed down from the hunter gatherer mentality right through from tribes in the jungle to the start of society, into religion and then into government. Men are just there by default, if it was women it would be women doing the same thing - and no that is not misogyny, that's just a fact.
You know, I'd actually dispute that we even live in a "man's world". It's true that most 'top jobs' are held by men, but that still leaves the vast majority of men as well as women beneath them. We have an elite that are almost exclusively men from very wealthy families, which often runs down through several generations via inheritance. Perhaps it's worth considering that, rather than men in general excluding women from this group, this preexisting elite are responsible. In other words, the people at the 'top' of our society prefer to keep everyone else below them, regardless of gender. It's a total myth that all men have equal opportunities, let alone women. (Not really related to feminism, just an interesting observation).

Yup, I figured out the screen corner thing. However, it still feels at odds with the rest of windows because standard programs have a taskbar and close/restore/minimise buttons at the top - these make it easy to flip between applications, but with the new metro interface that isn't there. I'm a mouse user and having to try to gesture to get things to open and close is annoying. Yes, you get used to it over time, but it's not a useful change to me.

The start menu is something you can adjust to as well, but I prefer the less invasive classic menu to this fullscreen version. Searching is okay but I'd like to be able to search apps and settings in one go (as with the old style). Again, a simple option to use the old style would have sufficed. I don't want a flashy start menu and so to me it feels like an unnecessarily complex feature for something that I usually have open for a second at most.

I hate it when people say "don't work" without specifying their experiences.
For those that haven't used Windows 8, it's basically two interfaces - the normal desktop and the touch UI which is like something you get on a tablet. The desktop is pretty much like every other version of windows and works great with a mouse, while the tablet part of the OS is almost out of place and doesn't work well at all when using a mouse. Putting a touchscreen on a laptop to help make it easier to use is awkward. The bigger problem, however, is that the start menu is gone and instead you've got to use the inconvenient touch-oriented interface to launch programmes (unless you install something to bring back the start menu).

On top of that, as well as desktop programmes you've got 'metro apps', which are forced to be full screen and equally painful to navigate without a touchpad (I still can't find a decent way to exit them without Alt+F4). They've no real place on a desktop machine and so I've no intention of using them, it's just pointless clutter that I can't really get rid of.

All-in-all, it basically IS an annoying touchscreen-oriented OS taped onto the standard windows OS. It doesn't need to be there and gets in the way more than it improves functionality. They don't feel connected at all, instead it's as if they thought "Hey, let's make the traditional Windows Desktop a tablet PC app, then everyone can have the same OS" ...but nobody wants a tablet PC OS as the front-end.

That said, it's not terrible. With a utility to give me a start menu I can ignore the 'metro' gimmick and just get stuff done. Beyond that it's a bit snappier than Windows 7 and does have some useful features (like a reworked task manager). However, Microsoft's complete refusal to simply give consumers what they want is what's killing the platform - a simple setting to either use metro or use a start menu would have easily relieved people's gripes.

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