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Gaming / Re: Best Cult Classic Games
« on: May 12, 2013, 03:48 »
literally the best first person shooter ever. and no, it's not all 'u gt 2 shot guy in faec' tactic
there's 9 classes that you get to chose from, which differ from what weapons you use (like a rocket launcher, scatter gun, flame thrower, sentry gun, ect.), your speed, and basically the way you play, and you have to work as a team to capture control points and other things depending on what game mode you play. that's just a really brief description. it's really fun, and best of all, free! but you have to download steam first, which is what all pc gamers use to buy games and play them.
it's goofy as hell. you cannot take it seriously at all, and if you do, you're playing it wrong. plus my icon is one of the classes, which is spy :u

Gaming / Re: Best Cult Classic Games
« on: May 12, 2013, 01:44 »
team fortress 2! it's known to a certain extent but it's not advertised at all on tv or online to my knowledge.

it was really hard but with a lot of time i actually have caught them all in BW. i just basically filled in all the gaps between my favorite to favorites, since i actually caught and trained all my favorite pokemon to level 100 or close :>

good luck though, you're a bit over halfway there!

General Pokémon Discussion / Re: Is pokemon dying?
« on: May 11, 2013, 23:04 »
we all have our own opinions but the thing i'm gonna miss in x and y is the whole sprite thing. don't get me wrong; the graphics on it look amazing! i'm just gonna miss the whole sprite thing and such. otherwise, i highly doubt pokemon's dying out. i've had times where i got really bored of pokemon but i came back to it anyways; i don't know if that's happening here but in all, all the games were really great and you can actually see them improving on everything as the years have gone by.

Say Hello! / Re: hello friends i am here
« on: May 11, 2013, 21:45 »
Welcome to PKMN.NET, I also like your sig too.
thanks so much :>

Okay, according to ONM UK, they're real. Also, the region is apparently called Karos and character customisation has been confirmed. I'm officially super-psyched!

Also, according to blocked, you can ride Gogoat in the field.
yeah i just read that all, i got those pictures and information off of my tumblr. it's really exciting! i learnt about sylveon 2 days before it was released on the official site

Is that a Mawile prevo =O
I sure hope so!
Panda is adorable.
Want these to be real.
mawile prevo? you mean the yellow and black one? from what ive heard its an electic/normal type. the only thing it's going to share with mawile is the fighting and ground weakness

yanchan”, a fighting-type resembling a panda
yayakoma”, a normal-flying pokemon resembling a robin bird
gogoat”, a grass-type Pokemon resembling a goat “ride pokemon” (you can literally ride him around town, as seen in a picture)
elekiteru”, an electric/normal-type quadruped with long ears.

you can also see the box art for x and y on the last picture on the right!
you can also slightly customize your character's hair and skin color.
new region is called karosu, with the main city being miare city.

i forget what the location is called, but i liked that calming music that played in black/white when team plasma's empire randomly erupted from the ground when you got to the champion. another good song was route 113 in r/s/e :>

well you get a friggin magikarp
because eridan
no kingdra for you sir

Gaming / Re: Favorite Game. Ever.
« on: May 11, 2013, 02:02 »
it's a tie between pokemon soul silver, team fortress 2 or portal
but of course we all like pokemon here :u

man i dont know dude, im not really sure what pokemon you'd be. maybe a stantler?

Say Hello! / Re: hello friends i am here
« on: May 11, 2013, 01:10 »
if you dont like homestuck and have that username then im afraid im going to have to frown at you disappointedly for getting my hopes up

hey im john
i've gone around with this name and countless people over steam and tf2 have seen it and i have yet to meet someone who got the reference. congrats on being the first one!

a ghost/steel type would be really cool. maybe it could have levitate to fight off that ground weakness, and only worry about a fire weakness which could easily be taken care of.

are we forgetting about the floating rock with arms here, aka geodude? don't get me wrong, golem's pretty good but honestly geodude's just, well, what i just said basically

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