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PKMN.NET / Re: Name Rater Too Backed Up
« on: March 11, 2018, 00:04 »
Well, I've been secretly in the process of making some hires. They could introduce themselves as early as tomorrow!

Oi! You right there! You're a Senior Staff Member? I quickly checked your history and you submitted this nickname on April 26th, 2007:

Vanguard Ike the Tyranitar
Simply because Tyranitar is my favorite Pokemon and my current name is Vanguard Ike. Also, for your information, my current position is name rather hater ;)

And you think YOU can choose my replacement?! The nerve of this man! Or this manlet resembling a man! He names his favorite Pokemon after himself because his life has gone so horribly that he wishes he were a 2D dinosaur. That, my friends, is who you all trust to interview and pick a new name rater?

Oh you... wait, I remember you now. You were the third or fourth runner-up of the Name Rater contest. I did not want to dedicate my memory to remembering which one you were. Hahahaha! I rejected you and you couldn't wait to replace me! It all makes sense.

Fun fact: I vouched for him, not because I thought he was funny, but I thought he was so unfunny that I would make it seem like he had a chance... so I could crush his dreams.

Time to pick up where I left off.

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