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Random Randomness / On lockdown.
« on: June 01, 2020, 16:29 »
So, what to do you guys have done with the lockdown due to the virus?

Random Randomness / Hard times in Venezuela
« on: February 12, 2014, 23:30 »
A good friend of mine told me how scared she is about the situation in Venezuela (she was born there but currently lives in Mexico). Its really sad when this kind of stuff happens. All the deaths and violence not to mention the fear from the possibility of losing her family from the conflict. For more info click on the link below.

And what is the opinion about this situation?

Trades / Boomburst chatot
« on: December 01, 2013, 16:09 »
Hello PKMN.NETers!

I am in a tight spot here. I am looking for a male chatot  with boomburst.  (obtained by breeding a catot with  noivern knowing boomburst).

I dont have much but I can offer:
Froakie (w/ protean) bashful + female
Ralts (w/ synchronize an trace)
Adamant Fletchling (gale wings)
Eevee (adaptability) lonely, sassy, timid, quiet with wish
For whatever worth I also have many cleffas.

So, can anyone help me out?

Gaming / Smash Bros Wii- U
« on: June 11, 2013, 17:33 »
So, finally the revelation of the new smash has been made and Megaman and the Villager from Animal Crossing have joined the crew. Is anyone else as excited as I am?


Small description a stuff in the game and few moves from the chars.

Also, a new Char has been revealed:

Quite the surprise.  :o

PKMN.NET / Scrolling bar
« on: May 18, 2012, 03:24 »
Am I the only whose scroll bar doesnt appear anymore on the site? Is there anyway to solve this problem?

PKMN.NET / I cant use spell check
« on: February 21, 2012, 03:44 »
The reason of this post is due to the problems I am having with the spell check option. Whenever I try to use it, a small window opens but stays completely blank. I wait and wait but nothing ever happens.

Is there any way to solve this?

Character Guides / Third Character - Fernando Cruz
« on: February 06, 2011, 00:09 »
Character name: Fernando "Fer" Cruz
Age: 12

Gender: Male

Description: He is quite small for his age at 4’10”. He has short spiky white-dyed hair (his original colour being brown). He has dark green eyes and his skin colour is light brown. He possesses a thin yet well built body. He wears a purple shirt with a few white rings on the edge of the sleeves and in the shoulders with a pair of black pants with a single ring on each knee. He has a pair of black and white laceless trainers with white socks. Finally a purple headband with a rainbow feather completes his outfit.

Personality: He is quite a fan of gym leaders and will not hesitate to show his excitement when meeting one. He has a big passion for flying types and will get angry if anyone insults them. His greatest fault is that he can get overconfident very easily if he is wining a match. His greatest quality is that he doesn't hold grunges, he might be angry with him for a moment but he will let it go later. He is active and cheerful and always tries to see the positive side of things. He also has a small attention problem and focusing isn't his strength.

History: He was born in Violet city where he grew up admiring the gym leader Falkner. Still being also a fan of Jasmine. He started his journey to one day open a flying or steel type gym of his own in another region. He hopes to capture new flying or steel types and learn a lot more about them. He was raised by his father alone as his mother left to fulfill her dream of becoming a Pokemon coordinator.

Friends: Tiago, Josh, Marcus.
Nathan and Lewis

Enemies: none yet


Peck, NightShade, Teleport, Me First, Confuse Ray, Wish
Vision is a pokemon that doesnt show any emotion. Natu is still training to learn a few psychic moves. It is quite a rare pokemon, being inmune to status moves.

Ditto has been the first pokemon he has ever caught. While it isnt his favorite type of pokemon, Fer believes that it could be of great use.

Water Gun
Mud Slap
Fernando received this starter from Prof Birch. It is quite a depressed pokemon.

Key Items: A few pokeballs

Character Guides / second cahr-Snap Shard
« on: March 26, 2007, 15:07 »
Character name: Snap Shard

Age and Gender:16 and male

He is not that tall for his age. He has white hair and wears a sweatband on the head. He has white skin and green eyes. His clothes include a black shirt and white pants. He wears sleeveless black gloves and black and white tennis. He has a camera which is always hung on his neck.

He had always had a like for photographing Pokemon. When he was five years old, he found his first egg. A togepi got born from that egg. Since then he started to like mysterious Pokemon. His life has been really normal and he didn't have experienced many important events. He saw a jirachi when he started his journey and he has been searching for it again to get a photo of it. He works for a pokemon magazine and has a like for contests.

Kat Freeman


Personality-He is a very calm person. It concentrates quite a lot. When he focus on something, he wont stop until he has got what he wants.He doesn't like Pokemon battles much but he likes competitions. He can be very competitive. Whenever he has to battle, he shows his supporting abilities. Even with what might look like small useless Pokemon. He normally takes advantage to the fact that he is underestimated.


Metal Sound
Thunder wave
Lock on
The second Pokemon Snap captured. It is used for spying and researching of Pokemon. Also it is one of Tramp most helpful Pokemon. It can also be used for trapping steel types into battle with it.

Cosmic Power
Snap favorite Pokemon for fast escapes. Baltoy is a Pokemon with a like for exploding even without being commanded. Also its psychic powers are used for levitation and for getting to wherever it is needed. Its principal function as a member of Snap's team is being a distraction.

Sunny Day
Rain Dance
Weather ball
Snap likes to use him to get rid of climate issues. He can also support Pokemon by using the weather for his advantages.

Sunny Day
Leech Seed
Helping Hand
Magical Leaf
Worry Seed
A pokemon used only for double battes. Capable of using helping hand, worry seed, and leech seed to assist any partner she is paired with.

Sweet scent
Attack order
Defend order
Heal order
After Snap seeing one in a contest, Snap grew wanting one. Since it evolved, it has become a strong pokemon capable to hold its ground thanks to its new moves. Vespiquen is not only a strong fighter but a caring pokemon.

Wing attack
Snap latest adition. Snap uses this pokemon to travel on water but it is unable to surf with more than two people.

Pokemon at home

Sweet Kiss
Follow me
Last Resort
His favorite Pokemon whenever he has to battle a wild Pokemon.Togepi has been with him since he started his journey. Togepi shows traits of being older than it seems and it will get angry if treated like a kid.

Faint attack
Trapinch is a pokemon capable of stopping pokemon from running away with its arena trap ability. Snap likes to use it to avoid its targeted pokemon to escape.

Video camera
A sketch book
Pester balls-used to repel Pokemon.

Character Guides / Thomas Andrew Tramp
« on: August 18, 2006, 00:00 »
(a)  Character name
Thomas Andrew Tramp

(b)  Age and Gender

(c)  Description
He wears a wistle around his neck. Clothing:

(d)  History

He has lived most of his life in the safari zone(Kanto). All his family, from his father side, have been guardians of the safari zone. From her mother side, he learnt about contests as she was a coordinator herself. He has always being a studious guy and very timid with people, but not with pokemon. Even though he is quite animated to help anyone, he rarely shows his feelings for others. He has three brothers and two sisters. His oldest brother has been a both good coordinator and trainer by winning the Jotho and the Hoenn Gran Prix festival. Her sisters are pokemon breeders. Once he was saved from a strong river by a misterious pokemon. He has been traveling searching for the answers of his strange experience. His oldest brother is a steel pokemon trainer and also participates in contests.  He has a psychic abilities but he isnt used to them. He has shown to have some psychic skills but they are underdeveloped even thoug he is quite more capable of using them.

(e)  Friends and enemies(no enemies)
Ryan Rosstone
Michael Edwards
Adam Winters


(f)  Pokémon

Hyper (Levitate)
Confuse Ray
Electro Ball
Shadow Ball
Pain Split
Hyper is quite the energetic pokemon. Capable of possesing objects and changing part of its personality. It remains a wild card of sorts.

Shika (Sap Sipper) Male
Leech seed
Jump Kick
Wild Charge
Shika is a kind and tame pokemon. It follows orders and plays like a teammate at all times. Despite lacking in batttle strenght, it possesses a wide variety of disrupting and supportive moves.

Musashi (Torrent) Male
Razor Shell
Aqua Jet
Trump Card
Air Slash
Since their meeting at the Dream Yard, Musashi has grown strong. It still goes by its personal code which he always follows even if it goes against Tramp´s orders. Still, it has a personality very similar to Tramp and even reacts like him.

Wilbur (Sand Rush) Male
Rock Slide
Metal Claw
Mud Slap
Rapid Spin
Wilbur is a strong pokemon caught in the outside of Accumula Town. While powerful, it lacks control in his moves. Despite this, it is a jolly pokemon who is always active and eager to help. Due to it being smaller than average of the species, he is quite sensitive about its size.

Flask (Defeatist) Male
Head Smash
Quick Guard
Flask was revived from a fossil. While a big coward, it possesses tremendous raw strenght. He wants to soar up in the skies despite his inability to fly. It might not be Tramp´s most reliable pokemon but he still cares for it.

Shift (Mold Breaker) Male
Dragon Dance
Iron Tail
Shift is a powerful dragon type pokemon. It possesses many powerful moves in its disposal. Its active and jolly and loves to eat a lot, especially after a match. It goes completely crazy when using outrage which he hasnt managed to control.

Currently out of rotation:

Range (Shed Skin) Male
Drain Punch
Zen Headbutt
Bulk up
Range is a tough but careful pokemon. It has a great passion for fighting and nothing is more important than winning. Range respects Tramp for defeating him and as such follows Tramp´s commands without a question. Still, he loves to pick up fights and wont back down from a challenge.

Fakeit (Illusion) Male
Fake Tears
Grass Knot
U turn
Dark Pulse
Previously a zorua, Fakeit was caught by Tramp after it disguised itself as a cute pokemon. Fakeit can change its appearance to that of Tramp (retains the ears) or his pokemon. Fakeit is quite a strong and smart pokemon but he is also one who worries more about itself than others. Fakeit is also a pokemon with no manners and will do anything it wants if he feels like it.

Sandster (Anger Point) Male
Beat Up
Thunder Fang
Stealth rock
Stone edge
Sandster is quite the bossy pokemon. He remains quite a dangerous pokemon with many flexible and tricky tactics that help it remain true to its dark type nature. With his evolution, it has become more vicious.

*Thanks to PTX for the uber new char image.
*Thanks to Astaravia for smeargle image.
Fly cannot be used in Journeys topic.

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