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when you jump on your pet goldfish (named goldeen) in the sea and expect it to dive. But if you find your goldfish is using dive your probably sinking!

Fake Whatever / Re: Create Imaginative Fake Cheats!
« on: September 03, 2006, 14:40 »
Using a ds only: on Super Mario 64DS you lose mario's cap, then you save Super Mario 64DS. You switch it off and go on pokemon Fr/Lg/R/S/E then you click on mystery gift. Then it says: Your mystery gift has arrived then you click on continue and you look in key items and you find a mario cap. You can give it to any pokemon and then they'll become a pokemon named mario Lv 100, max Iv's and will have a moveset of: Hammer, Dodge, Jump and fireball. When you take the cap off the pokemon it becomes normal but with extra exp and if you use it you become mario and every time you start a battle you say lets-a-go. and if you USE the cap all your pokemon can learn what ever move they want

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