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Pokemon Yellow Playthrough
« on: September 08, 2013, 15:34 »
Well, since mum gave me this journal I guess I'd better start using it.

First, my name is Cato. I live in Pallet Town, which is this tiny town with absolutey nothing. Zilch. Zero. There's three buildings. That's right. Three. So, as you can probably guess, it's pretty quiet round here. I live with my mum, and our next door neighbours are the Oak family. My best friend, Blue, lives there with his mum and his grandpa, Prof. Oak. The last building is Prof. Oak's lab, where he works. So yeah. Pretty quiet round here.

Anyway, my mum asked me to go see Prof. Oak for whatever reason, so I figured that I might as well go along to see what was happening. I thought it was probably a new discovery he'd made, as he likes to show me all these new Pokemon and stuff like that, but when I got there only Blue was around. Oh, and the Prof.'s little helpers as well. Not that they do much. Huh. Blue told me to go look for his grandpa elsewhere, and I thought he might be doing fieldwork so I went out of Pallet Town to go find him. Now, I'm not stupid, I know not to go into tall grass without Pokemon, so I was only gonna look around the corner. But the Prof. stopped me anyway, and showed me why I'm not allowed out without a Pokemon. That's right. A Pikachu appeared. It's this cute little yellow thing with chipmunk cheeks that are filled with electricity. Well, the Professor caught it then took me back to his lab, where Blue was waiting. He seemed a little annoyed, but relieved I'd found Prof. Oak.

The Professor told me he had a Pokemon for me in a Pokeball on the table, and Blue seemed really annoyed that I was getting one before him. I was elated however, and went to take it. Before I could, Blue snatched it from the table. I was shocked - I'd never seen Blue act like that before! He'd been my friend for as long as I could remember... It wasn't like him to flip like that. Prof. Oak was surprised as well, but gave in and let Blue have it anyway. I guess he is his grandson. Prof. Oak gave me the Pikachu he caught in the wild, even though it wasn't tame. I felt a little awkward as I took it, knowing it was destined for Blue, not me. I let the little yellow Pokemon out of it's Pokeball and the Professor asked me if I'd like to name him. I said yes, and decided to call him Pixel.

Before I could leave, Blue challenged me to a Pokemon battle. It was my very first one, and I thought Blue would go easy on me since we were friends and all, but he seemed determined to prove he was better than me. I'd never seen this side of him before, and as he sent out his Pokemon, he scowled. The Pokemon Blue sent out was an Eevee, and as he did, my heart sank. I couldn't help feel that the Eevee was meant to be mine, and this Pikachu should be his. I'd always wanted an Eevee - the way they could evolve into different forms always intrigued me. But, nevertheless, I told Pixel to use Thundershock, and Blue told - or should I say ordered - his Eevee to use Tackle. It was a critical hit. I watched in horror as Pixel fainted before my eyes. Blue laughed, and I stared at him, my eyes still full of hurt. Oak healed my Pokemon, but Pixel didn't seem to like his Pokeball and decided to walk behind me.

I left the lab, glad Pixel was alright but still yearning for Blue's Eevee. I felt guilty about not wanting Pixel, but also angry that Blue had stolen my Eevee. Yes, my Eevee. I headed out of Pallet Town my next destination, Viridian City. I knew that it was bigger than my hometown as I had visited it a few times before with the Professor and Blue. This time, however, I was on my own. Well, I had Pixel, but he seemed to be more interested in the trees than he did in me. I had a feeling we weren't going to be the greatest of friends, to tell the truth. We headed through the tall grass all the way north to Viridian, where we healed at the Pokemon Centre. I then went across to the Pokemart to get some Pokeballs and Potions, but I hadn't even made it to the counter when the guy there called me up. "Hey! You! You come from Pallet Town, right?" I nodded. "Great, here's a parcel for Prof. Oak! Think you could take it for me?" he thrusted a brown box in my face, and I took it. "Thanks, see you soon!" he said, waving me out the door. Confused, I put the parcel in my bag and looked around for Pixel. He was playing with a bit of string on the ground by the Pokemon Centre, and refused to leave without it. I finally managed to get him to come with me by letting him take the string.

It was easier getting back to Pallet Town because I could jump down the ledges, and I was back in no time at all. I went to Prof. Oak's lab and handed him the parcel. It turned out they were specially made Pokeballs. Before he could explain further, Blue came running up and shouted something about making his Pokemon stronger. Prof. Oak patted him on the back and then explained about this device, the Pokedex. It's awesome - it records data on Pokemon you see or catch. Blue grabbed his first.

"Cato, I hate to tell you this but you won't need to help gramps out at all. You can leave this to me! Oh, I know... I'll borrow a Town Map off my sister. And Cato... I'll tell her not to give you one! Hahaha! Smell ya later!" Blue said it all far too quickly for me to fully understand, and then he ran off again before I realised what he had said.

"I don't know what's gotten into him lately, Cato. Go and ask his sister for a Town Map though, she'll still give you one. And please, make sure Blue doesn't do anything... stupid, ok?" Prof. Oak told me. I nodded, then beckoned for Pixel to follow me. He still had the string in his teeth. I went out of the lab, and straight to Blue's house, hoping to catch him before he left. Whatever happened, he was still my friend, and I had to look out for him. He'd changed, but that didn't mean I was going to neglect him. Even though he had neglected me...

Blue's sister did give me the Town Map, although she told me that Blue had told her not to. She said he was being silly, and he'd snap out of it soon. I certainly hoped so. I wasn't sure I could deal with Blue when he was behaving like such a jerk. It was as if getting a Pokemon had turned him into some power-hungry Trainer who wanted everything. Everything. Anyway, I went back to Viridian to get some Pokeballs and potions, like I had originally intended to. Pixel easily took out the Pidgey and Ratatta that lived there with a couple of Thundershocks at most. I guess it was good that the Pidgey were so weak to Electric type attacks. Pixel still wasn't paying attention to me though, and he ignored me when I asked him to hurry up. He seemed to deliberately slow down every time I asked him to hurry along. Ugh.

I healed up, then went to the Pokemart. The cashier didn't even thank me for delivering the parcel, or ask if I even delivered it. Anything could have happened to that parcel... Nevertheless, I bought 10 Pokeballs and two Potions. I visited the Trainers School, but there wasn't much to do except read about status conditions. As if I didn't already know...

I decided to go back and catch a Pidgey. It was pretty easy to catch, and I decided to name her Skye. She seems to like me more than Pixel, so I think I'm going to use her a little more. Well, at least when she becomes stronger.

Well, that's it for today... Bye.

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