Author Topic: My ideas of what should be done in the next Smash Bros game  (Read 2285 times)

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Re: My ideas of what should be done in the next Smash Bros game
« Reply #30 on: March 15, 2015, 20:50 »
Do you even know who Sigurd is or are you talkin out your ass?  You guys do know he is the single best FE unit in the history of the series right?  On top of that, the Jugdral FEs have had probably one of the best storylines in a nintendo series.

EDIT:  Myrmidons and Generals have been so generic.  I most certainly dont care for someone like Oswin/Wallace, Gilliam, Kellam, Bors/Wendy/Barth, Gatrie/Brom/Meg or on the other hand, Joshua, Rutger/Fir/Karel/Karla/Guy, Lon'qu/Say'ri, Mia/Zihark/Edward/Stefan.  Well, I like Gatrie and Stefan, but I don't care for them in a smash game.
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Re: My ideas of what should be done in the next Smash Bros game
« Reply #31 on: March 16, 2015, 00:27 »
Personally, I think we should have a myrmidon or a general or something. Screw the lords.

Lon'qu anyone?

I would like Blaziken in the game but I'm thinking it's be a Lucario clone that shot fireballs instead of Aura Spheres and do we REALLY need another Mega Evolution for a Final Smash? I would prefer Blaziken to start a Final Smash using Burn Blast and then jumping up into the air to use Flare Blitz for the finish. THAT would be so much cooler than Mega Evolution.

Well, the move is blast burn iirc, and that seems a bit like a palutena final smash, and what about us fanboys people who actually kind of like Blaziken's mega? While I agree we don't need another mega, I wouldn't mind this one. So i'd be cool either way. Plus, do you really think that they would give Blaziken a bunch of aura moves (kinda a no brainer) and an attack boost as damage increases? I don't think so, and its standard special would be something more like blaze kick imo, plus HJK would be something for recovery (and it damages when it hits instead of misses) or maybe sky uppercut (doesn't damage user). Down would be something like WFT, but it doesn't lower damage, but increases attack a little more (SD anyone), and the side could be Speed Boost (like Ike's Quick Draw, but a little faster). That's what i'd make the specials, the jump would be above average, the attack power be high, but the weight be below average (Blaziken is kinda frail in the actual games, so this would help make it more believable).

Also Dick is right, Volga would be awesome to have in Smash.
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