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BW2 Ingame Teams Thread
« on: March 04, 2016, 19:44 »
i suppose i'll make a new thread because i cant find the black white 2 ingame team thread because reasons

anyway its pretty good stress relief, and i'm mainly practicing some basic teambuilding and grinding a little more faithfully.

this is my team right now, im about to grind on the trainers in the fourth gym.

Herdier (Bella) lv 27 (Pretty solid member)
Growlithe (Jake) lv 25 (Solid member, but won't be evolving until level 45 due to flare blitz. Also needs extremespeed to get a boost in power)
Magnemite (Unit i13a) Lv 26 (Solid snake- Uh, solid member. Absolute tank who can steamroll in the right conditions.)
Petlil (Petulia) lv 21 (New addition - to replace Servine, to be replaced by virizion at some point)
Trapinch (Nancy) lv 25 (New addition, replaces lucario)
Servine (Scott) lv 26 (dude's kind of just hanging around until i can replace him as the sixth slot being empty was a little unnerving. Probably gonna slap an eevee in here later - need a water type, so probably starmie instead, actually. might require breeding for egg moves, either way.)

god I hope this merges like it used to

anyway I'm posting from mobile device due to me being too lazy to get on a PC

im at undella bay and my team is now...

Jake lv 45 Arcanine (only evolved him at level 45 due to flare blitz. it was worth it)
Unit i183a lv 45 Magneton (Absolute tank, I love them)
Nancy lv 41 Vibrava (Almost flygon! Pretty ok fighter but needs a little bit of babying right now due to all of the water types)
Morgan lv 39 Starmie (New addition and newly evolved. Bulky with some good moves. needs psychic and ice beam, but has surf and recover as well for now.)
Bella lv 37 Stoutland (Needs training, but great bulk and attack. reliable and lovely - which is why she's behind on lv as she can still hold her own easily right now)
Bambi lv 36 Sawsbuck (New baby, he's the special one from the deerling place. must be protected at all costs. Pretty good fighter right now, so he'll do until I get Virizion.)
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