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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000251    [Content]
  00001942   [v9 code]
minorresolved (Joeno)2011-04-08Update the developer's manual
  00000534   [General code]
featureresolved (Joeno)2011-04-08Page tagging & sideways navigation
  00001334   [News]
majorresolved (Joeno)2011-04-08action=main should be moved to action=news
  00002051   [General code]
minorresolved (Joeno)2011-04-08Columns needs to be ported
  0000158    [General code]
minorassigned (Joeno)2011-04-08Customizable home for members/standard group for visitor
  00001622   [News]
minorresolved (Joeno)2011-04-08main/preload.php needs internationalization
  00001692   [General code]
minorresolved (Joeno)2011-04-08Character functionality
  00000875   [Content updates]
minorresolved (Joeno)2011-04-08Convert old-style URLs to new style ones
  00002294   [Content code]
minorresolved (Joeno)2010-08-02Implement a recursive delete for pages
  0000245    [Squads]
minornew2010-01-27Delete squads
  00001931   [v9 code]
featureconfirmed2009-11-08Give manga the coding treatment
  00001922   [v9 code]
minorconfirmed2009-11-07FAQ feature
  00001673   [Architecture]
minorconfirmed2009-11-01Generic thumbnail creator
  00001914   [Architecture]
minorconfirmed (Joeno)2009-10-18Automatic image manipulation
  00001901   [Content]
textconfirmed2009-10-04Create terminology list
  00002382   [Dex]
minorconfirmed (Joeno)2009-09-26Pokemon should have previous/next links
  00002371   [Episode guides code]
minorresolved (Joeno)2009-09-26Guides should have previous/next links
  00000327   [News]
featureassigned (Joeno)2009-09-23Release dates box on main page
  00000924   [v9 code]
minorresolved (Joeno)2009-09-05Icons on site updates
  00002281   [v9 code]
minorconfirmed2009-09-02Implement a recursive delete for tournaments
  0000244    [Content]
minornew2009-08-26RBY trainer sprites
  00001665   [General code]
minorresolved (Joeno)2009-08-15Port site-wide user cp
  0000236    [v9 code]
minoracknowledged2009-08-02Episode information needs to be added to the calendar
  0000243    [Dex]
minornew2009-07-29Dex type matchups: abilities
  00001123   [General code]
minorconfirmed (Joeno)2009-07-26These buddies are online
  00000785   [Content]
minorconfirmed2009-07-18Finish FRLG walkthrough
  00001873   [Dex]
featureassigned (Joeno)2009-07-12Per-Pokemon IV calculator
  00002173   [Art]
minorresolved (Joeno)2009-07-12Interface icons
  00000772   [v9 code]
minorfeedback2009-07-12Update ?game=breakout to v9
  00002083   [Fanfics]
minorassigned (Joeno)2009-07-08Allow limited {pkmn}-tags in fanfics
  00001851   [Fanfics]
minoracknowledged2009-07-05Fanfic chapters
  00001832   [Dex]
minorconfirmed2009-07-05Maps need mouseover data
  00001822   [Gallery]
featurefeedback2009-07-04Google Images rip off
  00001812   [Dex]
minorconfirmed2009-06-27Advanced searching
  00000653   [Content updates]
textconfirmed2009-06-24Improve section descriptions
  00001762   [Dex]
minorconfirmed2009-06-21Should use preload.php
  00001743   [Content]
majorconfirmed2009-06-17A few items are still missing images
  00001983   [Content updates]
minorconfirmed2009-06-14Several character page require updates
  00001724   [Architecture]
minorassigned (Joeno)2009-06-13Purge v8 tables
  00001712   [General code]
minorfeedback2009-06-07We need more RSS feeds
  00002071   [Content updates]
minorconfirmed2009-06-04Page needs an update or should be removed.
  00000622   [v9 code]
minorconfirmed (Joeno)2009-06-01Deck Rater mainly - Port TCG index
  00001701   [TCG]
majorconfirmed2009-05-27Search on Pokemon
  00001682   [General code]
minorfeedback2009-05-19Implement Glossary functionality
  00002161   [Art]
minorconfirmed2009-05-18Section arts
  00001572   [Gallery]
minorfeedback2009-05-17Gallery Thumbnails
  00000634   [CMS]
minorassigned (Joeno)2009-05-13Extended site control panel
  00001651   [Comments]
minorconfirmed2009-05-13Help for comments
  0000164    [Comments]
minorconfirmed2009-05-11Comments feature should use generatelist
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