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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00002351   [v9 code]
minorfeedback2009-05-03Create games frontpage
  00002341   [v9 code]
minorfeedback2009-05-03Create new Anime frontpage
  00002061   [Dex]
minorassigned (Joeno)2009-04-27Create a pokemon_image page
  00001602   [Dex]
majorconfirmed2009-04-25Filtering of game data
  00001592   [Architecture]
tweakfeedback2009-04-23Track site usage
  00001551   [Gallery]
minorconfirmed2009-04-21Deleting gallery items
  00002253   [Fanfics]
minorresolved (Joeno)2009-04-19Report function for fanfics
  0000242    [Comments]
minornew2009-04-02Refreshing a page reposts a comment
  00001502   [General code]
minorfeedback2009-03-28Features that could use control panels
  00002311   [v9 code]
minorresolved (Joeno)2009-03-28Todo lists should be more searchable
  00002331   [Forums]
minorfeedback2009-03-27Signature preview
  00001394   [Architecture]
minorconfirmed2009-03-27List of features requiring .en.php
  00002043   [Cards]
minorconfirmed2009-03-26Search for members who have a card
  0000224    [Cards]
featureconfirmed2009-03-26Make it possible to cancel your own trades
  0000241    [Content]
minornew2009-03-22Trainer Sprites
  0000240    [Dex]
minornew2009-03-21Pokemon and others should have previous/next links
  00002222   [New content]
minorconfirmed2009-03-21Contest items in Dex
  00002212   [New content]
featurefeedback2009-03-13Pok├ępredictions feature?
  00002202   [Episode guides code]
minorconfirmed2009-03-11Short summaries per episode
  00001112   [General code]
majorconfirmed2009-03-11Generic translator
  0000239    [Architecture]
minornew2009-03-10Make a proper tag cloud
  00002191   [Content code]
minorassigned (Joeno)2009-03-10Tags for pages
  00001372   [Architecture]
minorconfirmed2009-03-09Generatelist should be standarized
  00002181   [New content]
minorconfirmed2009-03-07Emerald Trainer Hill page
  00002027   [Dex]
minorassigned (Joeno)2009-03-07Mystery Dungeon firend area searching and such
  00001364   [Content updates]
minorconfirmed2009-03-04Fling page should be expanded
  00001344   [General code]
minorresolved (Joeno)2009-03-04Forum modifications should be in a package
  0000232    [Content]
minorconfirmed2009-03-03Emerald wallpaper generator
  00001322   [Cards]
tweakconfirmed2009-02-28trading.php needs .en.php
  00001303   [Architecture]
minorfeedback2009-02-27Show site visitors on the forums online list?
  00002141   [New content]
minorconfirmed2009-02-26We need a site FAQ
  00002001   [Dex]
minorassigned (Joeno)2009-02-25Show EVs gained from a trainer, both 1st/2nd gen and 3rd/4th gen
  00002131   [v9 code]
minorconfirmed2009-02-25Create a damage calculator
  00001991   [Dex]
minorassigned (Joeno)2009-02-25Associate table pages should offer dropdowns for both parts of the association
  00002122   [General code]
majorconfirmed2009-02-22Event Log
  00001261   [Architecture]
minorconfirmed2009-02-21AJAX-y move and ability list
  00001972   [Architecture]
minorconfirmed2009-02-21Reintroduce WAP support
  00000552   [Dex]
featurefeedback2009-02-20Flash/XML Map Interactive Maps
  00001253   [v9 code]
minorconfirmed2009-02-19MD Mission Generation
  00000543   [General code]
featurefeedback2009-02-18Navigation enhancements.
  00001231   [Content updates]
minorassigned (Joeno)2009-02-17Gallery links need to be updated to new format
  00000513   [General code]
minorconfirmed2009-02-15Add Norwegian to the supported languages
  00001053   [News]
minorfeedback (Joeno)2009-02-11news_site needs to have proper translation
  00001192   [v9 code]
featurefeedback2009-02-10Friendly URLs
  00000491   [v9 code]
featureconfirmed2009-02-10Old feature port: squiz
  00001022   [v9 code]
minorconfirmed2009-02-09IV Calculator
  00000993   [CSS and layout]
minorresolved (Joeno)2009-02-06Colosseum should get an Amazon image
  00000974   [Content updates]
minorresolved (Joeno)2009-02-06Check RelatedURLs
  00002111   [Content updates]
minorconfirmed2009-02-03Pages with trailer 404's
  00002091   [Content updates]
minoracknowledged2009-02-02Trainer Tower (US) trainer list
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