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Brock's in love... with a Seedot?!

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  1. What the name rater does with his weekend. by
  2. It's dangerous to go alone, take this! by The Macintosh Ninja: SOH CAH TOA
  3. Go young one... the future is all yours by
  4. Brock is finally reunited with the pokémon who had borrowed his eyes. by Sebastian Moran
  5. Introducing the new robotic seedot nuke. Do not apply love. Seedot: OVERLOAD! SELF-DESTRUCT! by Blazemaster26: 80's Addicted
  6. Brock: ARISE!!! by laironlover77
  7. Brock really needs to stop inhaling that sparkly powder... by laironlover77
  8. Brock: Master of Puppets. by laironlover77
  9. No or WB logo?! Its a sign of the apocalypse! by jjas132
  10. Seedot: Stranger Danger! Stranger Danger! by sunshine188
  11. "THIS is going on the Christmas Tree!" by
  12. In related news, Brock's mouth is drawn in the COMPLETELY wrong place. by Caldoran
  13. Brock realizes he has the magical ability to make Seedot levtate. by laironlover77
  14. Brock has given up on women so now he is going for Pokemon. by Laprabi
  15. Seedot's suggestive shape just occured to Brock. He likes it. by
  16. Since he can't get a girlfriend, Brock just moved onto violating Seedots. by laironlover77
  17. *cue music from Swiffer commercials* Baby come back~ You can blame it all on me~ by shadowaker
  18. Blender, Vulpix and Spinda: *to Seedot* Oh, you too? Seedot: D: by Gridbug
  19. Brock will fall for anything that's female. Even Pokémon. by
  20. ... And in the midst of Conker Season, Brock finds the Magic Acorn which will make him champion. by Webby