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Submitted by RachelPiplupLover

  1. Max: Um, Brock. Thats my mum... by lugia95
  2. Brock: Take me with you! I cant stand being around Max any more. by lugia95
  3. Max: Brock, that's a statue. Brock: I don't care! =D by laironlover77
  4. Know why Max looks so scared? That woman looks just like him. by laironlover77
  5. May I have your COOOOOOOOOOOO-KIE CRISP! by Blazemaster26: 80's Addicted
  6. As they could not have a staring contest due to Brocks eyes, they decided to have a contest on who can open their mouth widest. You cant see it, but Beautifly is winning. by lugia95
  7. Brock: I love you, you're delicious! Max: Uh, are you saying you're a cannib-- Brock: OMNOMNOMN by
  8. Beautifly liked that woman too, but Brock glued it to that tree so he could have her all to himself. by laironlover77
  9. Max: You know, I bet she had a shorter skirt and bigger chest in the unedited Japanese version... by Angelic Lapras King
  10. Max: AGAIN with the cardboard cutouts? D: by laironlover77
  11. Max: Why does Brock have to fall for every girl we meet? May: Because he's a man and you're gay. =) by
  12. Brock: "Check out my impression of Max. Look at me! I'm Max! I'm short!" Max: "That's not funny..." by RedFox
  13. Pikachu: While everyone else is staring at the lady, I can stare at Beautifly's crotch! Max: *understanding Pikachu* Say wut? by ShiraBliss
  14. Brock: I CAN EAT MY FISTS, SEE! by ShiraBliss
  15. So, even if you do disguise a broom as a lady, Brock will fall in love with it. Fasinating. by laironlover77
  16. Brock: Will you marry me? And while you're at it, fix my mouth? by laironlover77
  17. Brock: Hopefully she likes being swept away by a Beautifly. by
  18. Girl: I like you! Marry me? Brock: OMNOMNOMNOM by
  19. What I want to know is why that woman is staring at Beautifly's crotch. by
  20. Girl: Why is his mouth open? Can I feed him? :) by Sappy