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Submitted by PokeSurfer

  1. Misty: The picture walls! They're closing in!!! by Angelic Lapras King
  2. Misty doesn't want to share her beef jerky. by
  3. Misty hears Rebecca Black's new song. by SkyForme
  4. Misty watched in horror as Wailord performed it's Free Willy jump over her... by Angelic Lapras King
  5. Knowing 4Kids, they'll think Misty's eyes are rice balls. In the English dub, we'll have Misty with sandwiches for eyeballs. by
  6. Brock: ...and that is where babies come from. by Izago
  7. And it's suddenly dawned on Misty that she's spent the last five years of her life traveling with a moron. by Danatales
  8. Misty: We have to row the boat to the start of this river JUST to get ASH?!?!? by tkt1780
  9. Misty: You don't have the surf HM?!?! by tkt1780
  10. Misty: You had the map UP-SIDE DOWN?!!? by tkt1780
  11. Even Misty is perplexed by the quality of this image. by Danatales
  12. Whatever Misty is looking at, I don't think you want to know. by
  13. "Simon Cowell is no longer on the X-Factor!?!?!?" by SkyForme
  14. Misty: I'm off the show?! by Nightmare Eater
  15. Misty: You forgot to get the bike voucher?!?!? by tkt1780
  16. Misty watches in horror as the SS Anne was crushing right into her... by Angelic Lapras King
  17. Misty didn't take kindly to the idea of frying up her Water Pokemon for dinner by Danatales
  18. Two feet offscreen, it is highly possible Ash is not wearing clothes. by Danatales
  19. Misty: See? I told you I could do an impression of a Parasect! by jagabor
  20. Misty: I think we're sinking. Ash: How can you tell? Misty: My feet are wet. by Angelic Lapras King