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Characters: Otoshi

The basics
Gender: Male
Category: Miscellaneous Characters
First Episode: Bad To The Bone
Japanese Voice Actor: Masami Kikuchi
English Voice Actor: Maddie Blaustein


Otoshi is a trainer that takes things seriously. He may be strong but he's not strong enough for Ash: even his Marowak lost to a Pikachu. He trains his Pokemon by battling as well as through odd ways. For example, he bathes with them under a waterfall and makes them jump through fire hoops. He fought with all eight gym leaders in Kanto but lost all their badges because of Team Rocket's 'ambush.' They stole his badges tricking him with a plate full of delicious fruit on top of a hole. Ash and Co. helped him get them back in the end.

He appeared once in all the episodes in Bad To The Bone. He challenged Ash to a battle for all his badges but lost and it occured that he has no badges because Team Rocket had stolen them.

He only used his strongest Pokémon, Marowak, against Ash and admitted defeat when he realised that if his strongest Pokémon had lost no other Pokémon of his could win. Marowak lost against Pikachu.

By Pokefrenzy

Otoshi's Pokémon

Appears from Bad To The Bone

Appears from Bad To The Bone

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