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Characters: Professor Juniper

The basics
Gender: Female
Category: Supporting Characters
First Episode: In The Shadow of Zekrom!
Japanese Voice Actor: Naomi Shindō
English Voice Actor: Khristine Hvam

Professor Juniper

Professor Juniper is the resident professor of the Unova region. She welcomes our heroes to the Unova region as an old friend of Professor Oak.

She first appears in the Season 14 opener In The Shadow of Zekrom! she is shown to live in Nuvema Town. She performs the same function of every regions Pokémon Professor and furnishes new trainers with their starter Pokémon. So far she is seen giving a to Ash's new rival Trip.

Description by Mulholland.

Professor Juniper's Pokémon

No owned Pokémon seen or known

Episode appearances

In The Shadow of Zekrom!

Enter Iris and Axew!

A Sandile Gusher of Change

Minccino - Neat and Tidy

The Lost World of Gothitelle!

A Venipede Stampede

Archeops In The Modern World!

Game Appearances

No game appearances logged

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