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The stats of a Pokemon are probably the most important factor in deciding whether it is useful in battle. Mewtwo is useful for a large part because of its stats, and who hasn't bragged because of that max-stat you just caught or bred?

The question is, of course, how can the number that shows up on your Gameboy be derived from a 50 base stat, a gene of C and full stat experience? That is what I'm going to attempt to explain.

(Base Value * level/50) + n + (DV * level/50)+(Stat Exp Level * level/100)

When the stat is HP, n=level+10, otherwise, n=5

The Base Value differs per Pokemon species. Check out our Pokedex for a list.

The Individual Values for a Pokemon are determined the moment you encounter it in the wild, or, in some cases, when you receive it. Using 4 bits, it gives a value between the 0 and 15, and is usually mentioned using hexadecimal - a 16-based numbering system. Can't explain it here, but a short table giving a conversion is below:

Hex value0123456789ABCDEF
Decimal value0123456789101112131415

Stat experience is probably the least known variable in training, yet probably one of the most important. Every time you defeat a Pokemon, all the Pokemon who get normal experience also get stat experience in each of their stats, equal to the base value of the opposing Pokemon's species. So, if you want your HP increased, battle Chansey, and use Shuckle to up your Defense. Note that level does not affect the stat exp gained, and that it is not affected by the 1.5x gain 'suffered' by traded Pokemon for normal experience. However, Pokerus when you get or have had it, doubles the stat experience you gain.

Your Stat Exp Level is updated whenever you level up, evolve the Pokemon, use a doping item on it, or when you deposit it in the PC.

The exact formula for your level (L) from your Stat Exp (S) is:

S(1) = 10
S(L+1) = S(L) + 32L + 8

Which means that to reach Stat Exp Level 1, you need Stat Exp 10, and to reach each higher one, you need the previous Stat Exp needed, plus 32 times the current Stat Exp Level, plus 8, giving 50 for Stat Exp Level 2, 122 for Stat Expl Level 3, etc.

The maximum Stat Exp you can get is 65,536. A doping Item increases Stat Exp by 2,560.

Page written by Joeno.

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