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After reading issue 104 (May 2001) issue of the official Nintendo magazine, I am amazed at how stupid people who write in are...

There were people in there saying, "Instead of giving away Pokémon 'rubbish', why not give away wrestling stuff, that almost everyone likes"...

Everyone, er...yea. We all enjoy watching fat men in pants dancing, and playing games which are churned out like butter... Where the controls are sluggish and are boring. That PokéPoo, with its longlivity, compelling storyline and brilliant game play. Not to mention a fun trading card game and 'over average' tv series.

Oh well, wrestling will hopefully die out when people realise how crappy and boring it is (you can't understand what happens when its on TV), and at this point Pokémon GBA will be taking over...

Page written by Psythor.

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on Mon 09 Apr 2007 11:40:06 UTC.
amen to that
on Mon 13 Aug 2007 19:16:44 UTC.
im with you
on Fri 14 Sep 2007 14:12:15 UTC.
And it's sweaty and nasty XP
Evil Deathclaw on Fri 21 Dec 2007 18:41:01 UTC.
WWE rules more than pokemon.......
kenshin132 on Mon 02 Jun 2008 23:25:36 UTC.
no way pokemon till the end