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Probably the hardest thing to do on the Pokémon Ruby/ Sapphire games, is to get all the trainer stars. One of the trainer stars is obtained by filling up the Art Gallery's top floor in Lilycove City. This can be done, by winning contests. Every time you win a Master Rank contest, finishing with at least 5 Stars and 5 Hearts at the announcing screen, then an artist watching suddenly gets a burst of inspiration and "supposedly" paints one of the best pictures he's ever done. He'll give you a ribbon for the Pokémon you used, and then the painting will be hung up in the Art Gallery. Do this 5 times for each different Contest (Smart, Beauty, Cute, Cool and Tough) and the Art Gallery becomes full with paintings of your Pokémon. In doing this, you earn a Trainer Star and a Glass Statue for your secret base.

But of course you probably knew that. The problem is, that winning each Contest takes a lot of careful planning, training and a lot of luck. I finally did it though, and I learnt a few tricks along the way. This is where this guide comes in. Below you'll find some tips on winning the contests, some advice on Pokéblocks, and the 5 Pokémon that won it for me, including their movesets. Well, what are you waiting for? Read on!


It is almost impossible to win a contest, without feeding your Pokémon Pokéblocks. Always try to use Grade A+, Grade A and Grade B Pokéblocks, but if you must, use a couple of Grade C's. Below is a table showing what each berry makes at each place, and what all the different Pokéblocks do:

Colour Information

Black Blend this Pokéblock by mixing 2 or more of the same coloured berry together. This Pokéblock has a thin flavour and a low level.
Blue This dry Pokéblock increases Beauty.
Brown This strong, sweet Pokéblock increases Cuteness.
Gold This Pokéblock is Lv 50+. It raises one or two conditions.
Gray This Pokéblock raises 3 conditions.
Green This Pokéblock has a bitter taste and improves Smartness.
Indigo This strong, dry taste increases Beauty.
LiteBlue This strong, bitter taste improves Smartness.
Olive This strong, sour taste increases Toughness.
Pink This sweet Pokéblock improves Cuteness.
Purple This strong, spicy taste improves Coolness.
Red This spicy Pokéblock raises Coolness.
White This Pokéblock raises 4 conditions. It is made by 4 different berries.
Yellow This sour taste improves Toughness.

Figuring out the grades

Result 1: Pokéblock achieved at Verdanturf and Fallarbor.
Result 2: Pokéblock achieved at Slateport. 
Result 3: Pokéblock achieved at Lilycove.

Cheri Berry Red Red Red C
Chesto Berry Blue Blue Blue C
Pecha Berry Pink Pink Pink C
Rawst Berry Green Green Green C
Aspear Berry Yellow Yellow Yellow C
Leppa Berry Red Purple Purple B
Oran Berry Blue Indigo Indigo C
Persim Berry Pink Brown Purple C
Lum Berry Green Purple Indigo C
Sitrus Berry Yellow Indigo Brown C
Figy Berry Red Purple Purple B
Wiki Berry Blue Indigo Indigo B
Mago Berry Pink Brown Brown B
Aguav Berry Green Liteblue Liteblue B
Iapapa Berry Yellow Olive Olive B
Razz Berry Purple Purple Purple C
Bluk Berry Indigo Indigo Indigo C
Nanab Berry Brown Brown Purple C
Wepear Berry LiteBlue Purple Indigo C
Pinap Berry Purple Indigo Brown C
Pomeg Berry Purple Gray Purple B
Kelpsy Berry Indigo Gray Indigo B
Qualot Berry Brown Gray Purple B
Hondew Berry LiteBlue Gray Indigo B
Grepa Berry Olive Gray Brown B
Tamato Berry Purple Purple Purple B
Cornn Berry Indigo Indigo Indigo B
Magost Berry Brown Brown Brown B
Rabuta Berry LiteBlue LiteBlue LiteBlue B
Nomel Berry Olive Olive Olive B
Spelon Berry Purple Purple Purple A
Pamtre Berry Indigo Indigo Indigo A
Watmel Berry Gold Brown Brown A
Durin Berry LiteBlue LiteBlue LiteBlue A
Belue Berry Olive Olive Gold A
Liechi Berry Gold Gold Gold A+

You can get various berries by talking to certain people on your travels, and by picking any berries you may have planted. There are people who give you berries at the South-West of Sootopolis City, the East of Fallabor Town, the west of the Safari Zone and a man on the East coast of Lilycove City. To get the Grade A berries however, you need to say a certain saying to the Berry Master's wife. You can only say these certain sayings to receive these berries ONCE. After that you get a random berry. The sayings are:

Great Battle- Spelon Berry
Challenge Contest- Pamtre Berry
Overwhelming Latias- Watmel Berry
Cool Latios- Durin Berry
Super Hustle- Belue Berry

To get the Leichi Berry, you have to visit Mirage Island. Doing this is completely random, and you can do nothing to make it appear other than catch lots of Pokémon and hope for the best. You could be incredibly lazy however, and just type 612605411EB19C53 into a GBA Gameshark to make it appear. I've tested that code and it worked for me.

Remember that the more Pokéblocks you feed your Pokémon to increase a certain condition, then the more votes you'll get at the first stage of a contest. You need to try and max out the condition for three different reasons. The first to get more votes, the second is because you get a certain amount of stars for the amount of votes you get. You need at least 5 stars in order to have you Pokémon painted. I'll tell you the third reason in a moment.

Hints and Tips

  1. Always max out your specific condition before you even enter Normal Rank. That way you've got an pretty good chance of winning the contests anyway because nearly everybody will vote for you.
  2. Don't expect to complete a whole group of Contests the day you decide on your Pokémon. It will take time to get all the berries and Pokéblocks you need.
  3. The third reason for maxing out a condition- put the maxed out condition Pokémon at the top of your party, and then talk to the head of Slateport City's Pokémon Fan Club. He'll give you a hold item that boosts the maxed out condition even more. This is almost an essential item for winning the Master Rank.
  4. Plant your Grade A berries- don't use them straight away.
  5. Even if you've maxed out the condition, if you can still feed your Pokémon some Pokéblocks, then do so.
  6. Plan your movesets carefully. Look for a certain type that specializes in Contest attacks of your condition.
  7. Use contest combo's to earn extra appeal points. You can find a list of them here.
  8. Use attacks which receive more appeal points when they are used in a certain position. For Example, Faint Attack usually receives 2 Appeal points, but when it is the first appeal of a round it earns 6 Appeal Points.
  9. Always use attacks which take Appeal Points off other Pokémon, or even better make them nervous.
  10. Have at least one attack that's not the same contest type as the contest your in. That way you can prevent others from earning 6 bonus appeal points from getting the crowd going.
  11. Always plan the timing of appeals. With a bit of planning you can consistently earn the crowds attention.
  12. Use attacks like Explosion last. That way you can earn lots of appeal points on your last turn, without forfeiting any rounds.

My Winners

Still can't make up your mind? Well, there's nothing wrong with copying.......

Cute Contest Water Gun


Hold Item: Pink Scalf Charm

Tail Whip


Tough Contest Rock Throw


Rock Tomb
Hold Item: Yellow Scalf Superpower


Smart Contest Future Sight


Hold Item: Green Scalf Confusion


Cute Contest Water Gun


Hold Item: Pink Scalf Charm

Tail Whip

Beauty Contest Splash


Hold Item: Blue Scalf Water Pulse


Cool Contest Peck


Fury Attack
Hold Item: Red Scalf Swift


Thanks to Typhlosion for this

Page written by Psythor.

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on Sat 14 Jul 2007 21:41:01 UTC.
What`s a scalf?
pokedude49 on Sat 17 Nov 2007 16:42:30 UTC.
i did togepi for my cute contest
Blazebro77 on Wed 19 Dec 2007 22:34:14 UTC.
i used quilava for my beauty contest
sage man on Wed 10 Jun 2009 21:08:43 UTC.
Or if you want to be super cool, you can have the one god pokemon who will win you all of the contest types and have the pokemon's picture in EVERY one of the slots in the upper floor of the Museum. What is ths AWESOME pokemon you say? Well it's a Ninetales... all you have to do is teach it: Sunny Day Fire blast Overheat Flamethrower Then just do Sunny Day followed by overheat Wash, rinse and repeat ^_^ Enjoy mates!
TyphlosionLatias on Sun 29 Jul 2012 15:23:26 UTC.
im trying to use Latias for my tough and smart contest but i cant beat master.Here are her moves mistball hidden power waterfall and earthquake.first two are smart next to are tough.does anyone know a good smart move that i could replace waterfall with until i complete the smart contest. thanks
Guest on Fri 20 Feb 2015 00:42:11 UTC.
Wait, what do you do when you finish one contest? Do you have to win one each?
Guest on Fri 04 Sep 2015 17:22:32 UTC.
I found the hardest was the cute contest. Tough is easy with takedown and tackle combo. Beauty use sunny day and fire blast and you should be fine. Smart, there's lots of combos you could use.. Keep destiny bond for your final appeal "a ghastly" does great here with hypnosis and future sight. Cool can be a pain.. I used Thunderbolt and thunder on my elekid and it went good for me.
Guest on Fri 18 Sep 2015 19:10:27 UTC.
So, it's fine to max them out? Because back in RSE if you maxed them out before even entering the normal rank, it would lower your chances of winning.